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M&M’s League of Gentlemen Pool 21st August

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M&M’s League of Gentlemen Pool 21st August | Samui Times
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On August 22nd The M&M’s sponsored League of Gentlemen pool games were taking place around the island. The Samui Rock Café took a bit of a surprise kicking from Rik’s at the Office who enjoyed a 13 – 6 win!

Over at the Thairish Bar Max Bar were also taking a bit of a hammering as Mike, Ian and Shadow did not lose a frame all night and slammed home a 13 – 5 victory, and enjoyed some rather lovely curry!

Chilin Bar suffered a similar fate in their game against Queens who enjoyed their 5-13 victory and are looking as if they are going to be strong contenders this season and Hakuna Matata won a 13 – 9 home victory against The Premier Sports Bar.

SAM_3122At M&M’s an epic battle was going on against Nang Su Pim, who were happy to welcome Yak back to the fold after several weeks away. M&M’s were missing Flea however but were still determined to get a home win. The nights started out with T-bone and Yak, after some great shots from both players T-bone brought home the first win of the night for the home team. Steve, who played really well all night, got the second frame in against Mark for M&M’s who started to think they were going to walk away with an easy victory. Team Captain Todd then took on Gary, who was more than happy to put a stop to M&M’s plans which he did by winning his frame.

The infamous Don Roberto than stepped up to the table in a battle against Nang that he lost. T-bone then went up against David and put in a huge break but nothing really came of it. Half way through the frame he managed to get himself out of a bit of a sticky snooker before David gave him a ball in hand. T-bone returned the favor and Dave won the frame. Steve then took on Yak and took that frame down to the wire. With one ball to go Steve put in the most incredible shot, the white hit three cushions before hitting the ball that also hit four cushions before going down leaving the white perfectly lined up on the black that he nailed. Todd then took on Mark and during the frame potted a massive bug that landed on the table, however, Mark called foul as he did not hit a cushion as well, and promptly went on to win the frame taking the score to 3-4 and Nang Su Pim ahead for the first time during the evening.

SAM_3121To the sounds of the 80’s being played in the bar Don Roberto then took on Gary, who certainly knows his way around the table, but fell afoul of a bounce shot. The Don then potted the white along with the yellow and went to look for the white at the wrong end of the table, according to T-bone this was due to the fact that Robbie has never potted the white before so had no idea where to find it. Gary went on to win the frame. Nang then took on T-bone in a lively game where she made several threats as to what might happen to T-bone if he won, but he had no need to worry as he lost to a jubilant Nang. Steve then took on Dave who was suffering with a bad back, but still played some nice shots but it was not enough to win him the frame. Todd then took on Yak and managed to avoid a Yak attack and won the frame for his team.

SAM_3123Don Roberto then took on Mark who broke with the bendy breaking cue and after snookering himself on one ball and giving the Don a ball in hand on another lost out to the home team. T-bone then took on Gary and looked like he was on for one of his famous clearances but nonced a ball up and left the door open for Gary, sadly for Gary he messed one up as well and T-bone took the point. Steve then took on Nang and won taking the score to 7-7. Todd then put M&M’s back in the lead b y beating Dave before Don Roberto leveled it out once more losing his frame to Yak. T-bone then lost his frame to Mark, Steve lost his to Gary, Todd lost his to Nang, The Don lost his to Dave and T-bone lost his to Yak giving the away team an impressive 8-13 win.

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