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M&M’s league of gentlemen pool August 7th

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M&M’s league of gentlemen pool August 7th | Samui Times
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On Wednesday 7th of August some fantastic game were being played in the M&M’s Wednesday Night League of Gentlemen pool league.

At Tams Bar the games against the Premier Sports Bar were being pretty evenly played. Luke took the first win for the home team against Ian. Deano then lost his frame to Steve and Nitesh lost his to Roger2. Dave then beat Dennis and Ian lost to John. Harry lost his frame to Ian but Luke beat Steve and Deano beat Roger so after eight frames the score was even at 4-4. The score stayed pretty even until the Premier Bar pulled ahead when Dennis beat Deano, John beat Nitesh, Ian beat Dave, and Roger2 beat Hrry taking the score to 6-11 However Luke then turned things around when he beat Dannis, Deano then beat John, Nitesh beat Steve and Dave beat Roger2 taking the score to 10-11. Harry then lost his frame to Dennis but Luke beat John and Deano beat Ian taking the score to a nail biting 12-12. It was then all down to Nitesh and Steve who were both feeling the pressure but it was Nitesh that took the glory and the 13-12 win for the home team.

Over at Hakuna Matata Nang Su Pim were thrashing the home team. Nan, Keow, Rus, Ian SAM_3014and Pete lost the first ten frames in a row against Mark, Gary, Nang and Dave. After playing two frames Rus got up and went home and at 0-10 Nan took on Nang who had not lost a single frame all season and beat her taking the score to 1-10. Keow then followed suit by beating Dave but that was the last time Hakuna Matata got on the board as Mark, Gary and Nang cleaned up and took home a 2-13 victory.

Just down the road at the Samui Rock Café Queens were doing a great job of staying one step ahead in the game and took home a 9 – 13 win. Riks at The Office enjoyed a 13 – 5 victory against Red Hot Bar and Kinaree beat Max bar 13 – 8. Thairish Bar were playing host to M&M’s, the score went to 5-5 before M&M’s got ahead to 5 -12, there was one more win for the home team before M&Ms walked out with a 6 – 13 win, that would have been 5 – 13 had Mike not annihilated T-bone in one of the frames!

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