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M&M’s League of Gentlemen Pool July 25th

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M&M’s League of Gentlemen Pool July 25th | Samui Times
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On Wednesday July 25th the League of Gentlemen pool matches were in full swing around the island. At the Thairish v Kinaree game the evening got underway when Mike took on Pat in an exciting frame that Pat won. Shadow then stepped up against Michael who also won. When Bob lost the third frame for the home team against Mick he tried bribing our sports correspondent to report different scores, and when that didn’t work he tried to hide the scoreboard. However, when Ian got Thairish on the board in a mightily impressive fashion, when he won his frame against Willi, Bob calmed down. Dave then got a second frame in for Thairish by beating Pat by playing some very impressive shots. Then in a bit of a SAM_2749‘Mike off’ Mike took on Michael in a hard fought frame that Michael won for Kinaree. Shadow then took on Mick and Won and Bob, sporting some very bright and cheerful Full Moon Party temporary air brushed on tattoos beat Willi taking the score to 4-4. Our sports correspondent asked Bob what his strategy was during the frame but he refused to comment. In the next frame Ian found himself in a very tricky spot that he had to put in an incredible double to get out of, which he did. “I am normally rubbish at shots like that” said Ian, but regardless he pulled it off. After lots of banter and exciting frames the evening ended in a 7-13 loss for the Thairish Bar. In an interview after the match when asked who his favorite home team player is bar owner Shadow said it had to be himself, when asked why he simply said it was because he is so diplomatic. When Bob was asked why he so enjoys playing for Thairish he said “ I love playing on the home table because it is straight and it has big pockets, it is easy to look like a really good player on this table” he went on to say “one of the main reasons I love this bar is that if you forget to pay your bill before you go home, Shadow just puts it in the bin” to which Shadow responded “ Indeed I do not, my name is not Billy Hunt” as a fight broke out between the two players our correspondent left to cover another game.

SAM_2754Across the road at the Red Hot Bar the scores were edging up on the board. Jac lost the first frame to Queen’s Bar Timmy, who was playing like his life depended on it, before Meinhert won his frame against Gregor. Jay then beat Harold and Nick beat Andy taking the score to a 3-1 advantage but when Nick lost his frame to Andy and View lost his to Timmy it leveled out at 3-3. Jac then beat Gregor, Meinhert lost to Harold Jay lost to Torsten and Martin beat Andy, arriving at 5-5 and so it went on. The highlight of the evening was a crazy frame between Nick and Timmy. Timmy was busy wiping the floor with Nick with an impressive clearance that all went wrong when Timmy stuffed up and missed the black. Nick potted nothing but totally snookered Timmy making it almost impossible not to put in a foul shot, however Timmy did manage to touch the black, so no ball in hand for Nick. Nick then missed spectacularly and it looked like it was all over, but somehow Timmy once again missed the black in front of a shocked crowd. Nick once again snookered Timmy leaving him with no chance of finishing the frame and a good chance of missing the black all together unless he put in one hell of a double shot which he did. Nick then snookered Timmy for the third time hoping for a foul that would give him a ball in hand but once again Timmy managed to skim the black. The dirty tactics from Nick went on for an incredible three more snookers before Nick totally screwed up his shot leaving the black cock on for a bored Timmy who finally potted it to a round of applause from the crowd.

SAM_2759At the Samui Rock Café the home team won the first three frames against Osteria, in their first game of the season, all previous games were postponed as team Captain and local legend Fabio was at home in Italy. Lollo put Osteria on the board beating Hakan before the home team won a further two frames. Giancarlo then got the second frame in for the away team against Dan and Daniel got the third against Peter. Hakan then beat GoGo, Lollo beat Yuka and Don beat Pumpui. The frames continued to be won backwards and forwards between the two teams right up to the wire when the Samui Rock Café just won with a score of 13-12.

At Hakuna Matata another battle was being fought against league sponsors M&M’s. Team Captain T-bone only lost one frame all evening and ace player Flea won all of his frames helping the away team to an impressive 5-10. However Hakuna Matata fought back when Bank beat Steve, Keow beat Carl and Nan beat Nippa. Todd put a brief stop to the home wins by beating George but when Bank beat Robby, Keow beat T-bone and Nan beat Steve it looked like things could change. However when Flea beat George taking the score to 10-12 Carl took the glory and a win for the home team when he flawlessly beat Bank.

Elsewhere Chillin beat Max 13 – 6, The Office took a 5-13 defeat against The Premier Sports Bar and the Tams Nang Su Pim game was postponed.

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