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M&M’s League of Gentlemen Pool July 31st

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M&M’s League of Gentlemen Pool July 31st | Samui Times
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The Wednesday Night M&M’s sponsored League of Gentlemen pool games were in full swing on the evening of Wednesday 31st of July.

At Bamboo Bar Nang Su Pim were up against Chillin Bar. Team Captain Mark got the ball rolling by beating Aek, and new player Gary followed suit by beating Alan. Nang, who has not lost a single frame all season so far, then took on Fedor who played some great shots and had Nang on the run for a while, but when he gave her a ball in hand, with only one to pot before the black she took the frame from him. Dave then took on Sergay and played a superb shot but sadly the white went down with it. Both players then had a couple of unlucky misses before Sergay snookered Dave, however with some trickery he managed to get out of it, but it was not enough to win him the frame when he potted the white instead of the black putting Chillin on the board.

SAM_2817Mark then took on Max and bungled his first shot that resulted in him smacking his cue onto the table in frustration. Max then put in a couple of great shots before Mark got another shot at it, but when he did he cleared the table wiping the floor with Max who had four balls left to pot. Gary then took on Aek who didn’t even manage to get as far as the table as Gary threw in an impressive eight ball clearance off the break. Nang then took on Alan who potted six off the break but when he missed his seventh shot Nang put in a show stopping clearance and took the score to 6-1. Dave then took on the gloved Fedor in a frame where both players potted the white but Fedor got the upper hand and nailed the frame. Mark then took on Sergay. Sergay broke and then Mark put in a useless shot and tried to cover his mistake by announcing it was a strategic move to ensure Sergay opted for spots. That part of the plan may have worked as Sergay did choose spots but used their position to go onto win the frame. Gary then took on Max but this time nonced up a couple of shots, as did Max, it seemed like the pockets had been closed off for a while as neither player could pot but eventually Max came out victorious. Nang then got one back for the home team beating Aek but Dave once again came up against a cunning snooker in his frame against Alan and lost. Mark then took a big win against Fedor with an 8 ball clearance and Gary put in some very impressive shots in the frame he won against Sergay.

SAM_2818 Nang also showed off her skills putting in fabulous shots against Max who she beat. Dave then got his first win of the evening beating Aek who did not go down without a fight and played some incredible pool. Mark then took on Alan who put in some excellent shots before Mark backed him into a corner and won. Gary then seemed to lose form all together and lost his frame to Fedor who played like a demon leaving it down to Nang to get a 13 – 6 win in. She faced off against a determined Sergay, who had been playing well all night and had no intention of stopping now. Sergay put Nang in two snookers, the first of which she got out of but the second gave Sergay ball in hand. Sergay then potted five balls before Nang got it down to the black that she missed. Sergay then got two more down before missing the last and very nearly potting the white that hung precariously over the pocket snookering Nang with no angle on her shot. Nang went for the double but missed giving Sergay a ball in hand, but when he missed his shot it was down to Nang to nail the black. Nang missed again giving Sergay another chanc,e but he found the pillar in the way of his shot and missed. This time there was no way Nang was going to give him another shot as she nailed the black, brought home a 13-6 win and has still not lost a frame this season.SAM_2819

An equally exiting game was playing out at M&M’s as they took on Kinaree. Kinaree got off to a fine start as they won frame after frame taking the score to an impressive 0-7. Flea eventually stopped the rot by beating May. He then proceeded to go over to the winning corner of the bar and refused to let any of his team mates in until they had won a frame. Todd was up first against Pat but there was no wining seat for him as Pat took the frame. Steve then took on Michael and earned himself a seat next to Flea. Nippa then decided he wanted to join the boys and wiped the floor with Mick and headed over to the winners enclosure. Don Roberto decided he had also had enough of being among losers and pulled out his best shots and won his place by beating May. T-bone then stepped up and joined the winning members of his team by beating Michael. Flea then took on Pat and put in some great shots before totally noncing the black up. Pat then put in a nice clearance before also bungling the black giving Flea his second win of the evening leaving on Todd on the losers chair alone. Todd then stepped up against May and half way through the game got a ball in hand that he placed in the middle of a messy pile of balls and went for the rest, Flea put pay to that by telling him to place his ball in hand on a position on the table that did not require a rest, Todd, who is team captain, followed his instructions and missed his shot! However he did go on to win the frame and joined the rest of his team taking the score to 7-8. Steve then took on Mick and who could barely concentrate with M&M’s very loud attempt at close harmony singing and lost his frame to Steve. Nippa then for the first time of the night put his team ahead by beating Michael. Don Roberto then stepped up and got the game down to the wire using angles, tactics and skill, he out played, out witted, out lasted and beat Kinarees best player Pat. T-bone, under huge pressure to keep up the wins then took on May, went for total wipe out, and got it. Flea then went for the kill but put the black in the wrong pocket taking the score to 11-9 Todd then beat Michael to a huge applause and when Steve beat Pat M&M’s erupted as the team went wild over what had to be the best come back of the season. So an incredible 13-9 to M&M’s.

Elsewhere Osteria took a 5-13 defeat to Tams. Premier Bar enjoyed a 13-8 win over the Samui Rock Café, Queen beat Riks at the Office 13-4 and the Red Hot Bar lost 4-13 to Thairish.

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