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M&M’s Wednesday Night League of Gentlemen Pool League 12th March

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M&M’s Wednesday Night League of Gentlemen Pool League 12th March | Samui Times
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Four games into the twelfth season of the M&M’s sponsored Wednesday Night League of Gentlemen pool league, Kinaree2 took an early lead, however the Hula v Rik’s at the Office and Nangrak v Premier Sports Bar have been postponed and are yet to be played.

score boardBy the 5th of March Kinaree2 had won all of their games putting them in first place. Nangrak found themselves in second place, with a game in hand. League sponsors M&M’s Bar, who worked hard for a win last year were running in third place with three wins and one defeat against Queens Pub. In fourth place Thairish also suffered one defeat against the Premier Bar who find themselves in fifth position the board but still with a game in hand. Queens Pub, who came a very close second last year, took only one defeat against Nangrak, last year’s winners giving them the sixth position. Banana Bar took the seventh place with two defeats against Jezebel’s and Kinaree2, followed by Red Hot Bar, Rik’s at the Office, who still have a game to play, Jezebel’s and Halfway House, who are yet to play each other. At the bottom end of the table Red Crew found themselves in twelfth place, followed by Max Bar, Osteria, Hula Bar, with a game in hand and Pumpui.

On the 12th of March Thairish took an early lead against Pumpui, when Don, Shadow, Jane and Ian won their first games against Luca, Kogo, Brad and Claudio. However, Thong, Pumpui and Mauro leveled things up a bit by beating Don, Shadow and Jane. Ian of Thairish then got a frame back for the away team from Kogo but Brad stopped Don in his tracks and Renato beat the legendary Shadow leveling things out at 5-5. Jane then put Thairish back on the right track beating Claudio and by the time Pumpui got the sore back to 7-7 Thairish got their second wind when Jane then beat Kogo, Ian beat Brad, Don finally got a win in against Renato and Shadow put his skills on display beating Claudio. When Jane took another win, this time against Thong it looked like it was all over for the home team but Pumpui threw in a last effort to get back on top of things by beating Ian but Don, who found his game finished the evening by beating Mauro and taking an 8-13 win for the away team.

Max v The OfficeOver at Max Bar, Rik’s at the Office took an early hammering when the home team took the score to 8-3.However Alec got the ball rolling for the away team when he beat Max, John then followed suit by beating Martin and Rik jumped on the band wagon and beat Manfred. Peter decided to come to the party and beat Dario and then Dave jumped in and beat Max leveling the scores out at 8-8. Alec then, determined to continue the away teams winning streak, beat Martin, but Manfred, equally determined to get his team back in front beat Derek. The battle waged on as John beat Dario, Dave bat Max, and Derek beat Martin taking the score to a tantalizing 9-12 but Manfred kept his team in the running by bNangrak v Red Hot Bareating Alec only to lose by a whisker when John beat Max grabbing a narrow 11-13 win for the away team.

Over at the Bamboo Bar the Red Hot Bar were getting what can only be described as a good kicking from Nangrak who have been on fire all season. Despite putting in some great shots, it seemed there was nothing the Red Hot Bar could to do to get a single frame until Keow beat Nang, but that is where the luck ended for the away team who left with a sore 13 – 1 defeat.

At the other end of Bangrak the Premier Bar were enjoying some great games against Queens Pub. Craig got the ball rolling taking on Harold and enjoying a win for the home team. Next up Ian took the second frame against Andy. Baz then took on Gregor and won before Stef got the first frame in for the away team against a disgruntled Dennis. The scores then edged pretty evenly up the board with Baz and Andy taking the score to 5-5, and Ian and Stef taking the Premier V Queens Pubscore to 8-8 after Queens looked as though they were pulling ahead. Dennis and Andy topped it off again at 9-9 before Roger and Stef once again drew equal at 10-10.Harold then edged out in front beating John, but when Craig beat Andy the scores leveled for the last time at 11-11, from there Ian beat Gregor and Baz beat Stef leaving the home team to enjoy a 13 – 11 win.

This week’s scores – Kinaree2 13 – Halfway House 5, M&M’s 13 – Banana bar 5, Max Bar 11 – Rik’s at the Office 13, Nangrak 13 – Red Hot Bar 1, Osteria 5 – Red Crew 13, Premier Sports Bar 13 – Queens Pub 11, Jezebels 11 – Hula Girl 13 and Pumpui 8 – Thairish 13. Next week’s fixtures – Banana Bar v Max Bar, Halfway House v M&M’s, Hula Girl v Kinaree, Queens Pub v Pumpui, Red Crew v Premier Sports Bar, Red Hot Bar v Osteria, Rik’s at the Office v Nangrak and Thairish v Jezebels.

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