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Monk arrested after threatening to post sexy pictures of ex online

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Monk arrested after threatening to post sexy pictures of ex online | Samui Times
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A Nonthaburi monk was nabbed in a sting operation after he had threatened to post sexy pictures and videos of his ex girlfriend online.

“Phra Nat” had told her that he would share their intimate moments if she would not sleep with him again. Police followed the couple to a Pathum Thani hotel and caught the errant monk in a room with his robes down reported Manager Online.

pervert monkSithidet Maliphan, 38, of Bang Bua Thong, Nonthaburi, was a monk at Wat Lampo. Local police had earlier received a complaint from a woman called Jutamat Sae-Liaw, 35, of Bang Yai who said that her ex boyfriend had threatened to post pictures of her on social media if she did not sleep with him again. The couple had split up earlier this year.

With police secretly in tow she took a taxi with him to the Royal Paradise hotel on the Pathum – Bang Bua Thong road and rented a room. The monk was nabbed in room 210 with his ex. He was then taken back to his temple where his abbot removed his name from the monkhood before he was taken in for questioning at the police station.

The now ex monk told police that he had been Jutamat’s boyfriend but their relationship ended and in April he ordained. He asked her to sleep with her again but when she refused he threatened to post pictures and videos, that he had taken before, on social media. She then agreed.

But not a second time as the girlfriend went to police to make her complaint after he tried the ruse again.

He was charged with threatening behavior and offences under the computer crimes act and detained.

Police discovered that the same woman had made a complaint against her ex at another station before.

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