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Monk arrested for taking yaba

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Monk arrested for taking yaba | Samui Times
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On Wednesday July 3rd police arrested a monk for taking yaba. Police from Na Yong police station had been called out to investigate the disappearance of a brass bell from the Khao Pu Chao monastery in the Na Yong district. While there police noticed that a monk, later identified as Surachet Thonglim, was acting strangely. They suspected that the monk had been taking methamphetamine and urine tests carried out confirmed their suspicions. Another man at the monastery also tested positive for the drug. Mr Surachet, 46, said that he met this other man, Sithichai Paorikrat at the monastery and asked him if he knew how to alleviate the pain and discomfort he was feeling due to a dog bite as the painkillers he had been given by the hospital were not providing relief. Mr Suracet said he realized that taking yaba would help him forget the pain and asked Mr Sithichai to supply him with some.

After his arrest Mr Surachet, who has been a monk for five years was asked to leave the monkhood.

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