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Monk found with drugs, weapons and “masturbation equipment”

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Monk found with drugs, weapons and “masturbation equipment” | Samui Times
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A monk in Pak Kret has been defrocked after a raid at his temple found drugs, weapons, condoms and what police described as “masturbation equipment”.

masturbating monkThe ‘equipment’ hidden in Phra Thongchai Krajangchai’s room was in fact tins fashioned to resemble women’s vaginas, reported Daily News.

More than a dozen officers took part in the raid at a well known temple in the northern part of Bangkok that was not named.

But the monk was pictured for all to see. The raid followed complaints made by the public to the Damrongtham watchdog that he was selling drugs.

Police searched everywhere in the two hour raid. They found 8 grams of ice or crystal meth in clear plastic bags, a bottle of ketamine and a packet of ganja along with a large cache of drug taking equipment.

Concealed behind a filing cabinet they discovered a sword and ten knives.

There were also a large number of condoms in his room that Thongchai said were not his. He claimed they belonged to his underlings.

But the items that caused the most interest were what was described by police as equipment to help with masturbation. These were in fact tins of some kind made for use as female sexual organs.

Thongchai said that he had been at the temple for 18 years and been selling ice for a long time. He got his drugs from an agent he knew as Ek.

He was taken for removal from the monkhood ahead of processing for prosecution.

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