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“Morally gross Russian beg-packers” face hail of criticism from Thais and foreigners alike

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“Morally gross Russian beg-packers” face hail of criticism from Thais and foreigners alike | Samui Times
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A Thai woman went online to condemn two apparent Russian beg-packers who were begging for donations in central Bangkok this week. 

A sign in English – and one in Thai – suggested they had had trouble and needed money urgently to get back to Moscow.


The vitriolic comments in the Everything Bangkok Facebook group were largely backed up by foreigners commenting in their hundreds online. 

It has also been suggested that such foreign beggars could soon be arrested under Thai begging laws. 

The poster said (with a few small changes for accuracy and modesty):

“Real time, Skywalk from Siam BTS to Central World, these f**kin young trash traveling scamming people who mostly don’t even have the privilege to get out of the country. Some stupid Thai people are giving some tho this act in general isn’t just illegal but is morally gross. “

Most foreigners commenting on the story agreed though some said they weren’t harming anyone. 

One Thai woman seemed to even spring to their defense saying: “Not every farang are (sic) rich”. 

Some foreigners suggested jail time and even the removal of testicles while Thais blamed their compatriots for being gullible and contributing to such people. 

Meanwhile, Thailand has recently revised its “Beggar Control Act“, which could be used to outlaw so called “beg-packing”.

This could result in fines and jail for not just Thais begging on the street and at temples but the ever increasing number of foreigners asking for money on the sidewalks and in the markets of Thailand. 

Thaivisa asks: What do you think?

Morally gross?

Bang them up? or 

Doing no harm leave them alone?

Thai Visa / Facebook

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