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More Group classes added to Timetable KS Crossfit

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More Group classes added to Timetable KS Crossfit | Samui Times
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Because of Heavy demand, KS Crossfit has increased the number of Group classes at their Crossfit Box.
KS Crossfit offers from 4 Group classes a day, every day from Monday till Friday.
KS crossfit 2KS Crossfit is the first and biggest Crossfit box in Koh Samui. Crossfit is the perfect way to get fit and help you work on strength, fitness, flexibility, cardio and burning calories.
The classes are designed for all ages and levels and are taught by a licensed and experienced Crossfit trainer.
More and more people start to realise the importance of working out, but not everybody knows what to do. Hiring a private teacher might be an option but that is not cheap.
KS Crossfit is the answer and will help and guide you in a fun and exciting work out class in a group. Its a great way to get fit, have fun, meet new people and challenge and motivate each other.
Besides the time table KS Crossfit recently has also acquired more training equipment. Concept 2 rowing machines and Assault Bikes are now part of the daily classes and will guarantee more and better results.
The time table is now as followed:
 KS crossfit 1
Monday -Friday
Special endurance classes are given every monday, wednesday and saturday from 9am-9:45 am. These classes are designed to build up endurance, cardio, abs and burning calories.
Every Saturday we have special kids classes from 10am-11am.
Check the website for more information or call 077-414393
KS Crossfit is located next to Superpro Samui
More and different hours will be added soon!
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