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Mother in law of Olympic shooter Jakkrit Panichpatikum out on bail after taking a contract out on his life

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Mother in law of Olympic shooter Jakkrit Panichpatikum out on bail after taking a contract out on his life | Samui Times
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On the 19th of December the sporting world was shocked to hear that Olympic shooter Jakkrit Panichpatikum had died of gunshot wounds in Bangkok.

The 40 year old, who competed in the 10-meter air pistol, 50m pistol and 25m rapid fire pistol events in London 2012 and reached the quarterfinal in Beijing in 2009 was shot three times in the chest and stomach as h drove to the home of his estranged wife.

1 mother in lawHis black Porsche had three bullet holes in the side and the attackers are said to have fled on motorbikes.

The International Shooting Sport Federation put a note on their website morning his loss that at the time the police could find no motive for.
However, at the time of the incident Panichpatikum as out on bail following his arrest in July after a disturbance at his home, during which he allegedly fired a gun into the air to frighten his wife before assaulting her. He was subsequently charged with attempted murder, assault, illegal possession of a firearm and committing violent acts. His wife claimed that he had a history of violence that he escalated since he returned from London.

Now Panichpatikum’s mother in law has confessed to taking a contact out on his life. Surang Duangjinda told police “I needed to do it because he abused my daughter over the last six years”.

The police have charged her and her daughter Nithiwadee with taking out a contract on the man’s life they both decided move to secure bail, a move not opposed by the police.

Surang went to the Social Development and Human Security Ministry to apologise and thank Social Development and Human Security Minister Pavena Hongsakul who had earlier extended help to Nithiwadee over the reported domestic violence.

Nithiwadee, who has two children with Panichpatikum, maintains that she was not aware of her mother’s plot to kill her husband despite their rocky relationship. She said she was shocked at her mother’s actions “she is just a small woman without any connections, without any gang to carry out such an action” she said. She added that if possible she wished to face any legal punishment related to the killing in place of her moth. “Today I have realized the extent of motherly love” she said.

50m Pistol MenEarlier this year Nithiwadee had suffered a miscarriage, that was reportedly due to her husband’s violence. Surang is said to have arranged the contract on her son in laws life while she was in the hospital with her daughter. She allegedly did this via an acquaintance who had helped her with the sale of her condo. Surang said ‘I have given him so man second chances, and I had waited for him to improve himself, but he just got worse, he even abused his own children.” She went on to say that she had done all she could to keep her daughter and her husband apart and that she could not cope with the fact that he kept hurting her and was not prepared to wait for him to kill her before she took action. Nithiwadee said her family life has been completely destroyed.

“I hope my case provides a lesson to others” she said and urged all men to stop domestic violence and not to take drugs. She believes that had her husband not taken drugs he would not have hurt his own family. While Jakkrit’s mother was forgiving his father was still holding a grudge. He said “ I wish my daughter in law a long long life so that she realizes that hell exists.

Both mother and daughter were later released on bail set at Bt500,000 each. The reason for the approval of bail was largely due to neither of them having any previous criminal record. The mother’s acquaintance Worraphanphooree Montreeareekul who was asked to help her with her plot said she introduced the woman to Santi Thongsame, who said he could find a gunman.

The suspected gunman was arrested last week but Santi remains on the run.

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