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Mother of British Koh Tao rape victim speaks exclusively to the Samui Times

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Mother of British Koh Tao rape victim speaks exclusively to the Samui Times | Samui Times

The mother of a 19-year-old woman who was raped on Koh Tao has spoken out about the rape, police investigation and the handling of the case by the British Embassy. In a letter to our publication today she told us

We were horrified when our daughter came home early from her travels listening to her in floods of tears, telling of her rape on the island of Koh Tao.
When she left the UK in February, to work with orphans in Sri Lanka, we were all so proud and excited, she had an air of trepidation, along with a strong right foot forward into her future dream of becoming an humanitarian.
She came home twice before 3rd July 2018, firstly for her boyfriend’s mother’s funeral, and then again to earn some cash so that they could travel together after his exams. She had found work in Thailand as a seller of party boat tickets, however, it was a lot of uncomfortable work for not a lot of money.
After her attack and premature return to the UK our priority was to nurture our daughter and get her checked with a doctor here in the UK, as she had told us that the Thai police would not accept her rape allegation and so was not offered a female officer, nor a PEP test (post-exposure prophylaxis)
We then contacted the Haven rape crisis centre who were sadly booked up, but she managed to get a support worker to talk to. Through the Haven, the ordeal was reported to the police here in the UK, and finally, almost 60 days after her return, she had an “official” appointment to make her statement to the metropolitan police.
This helped her to feel empowered, somebody official was listening to her at last. This was down to the Haven. I had called 101 and spoken to an officer who had told me “it was a waste of time to try to report the rape to the metropolitan police”, and he was “unwilling to make an appointment “.
(By now, we were in possession of a T-shirt her friends had noticed had semen stains on the back from the night of the rape. After our daughter had tried to report the crime in Koh Phangan it had been back to Koh Tao, and interestingly, was not accepted as it was not handed in by the victim).
I had been in touch with the British Embassy in Thailand, although the first paragraph was sympathetic, the rest of the email seemed very generic, as was the FCO reply, and also the secretary to Cressida Dick (Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service in London)
After the metropolitan police interview was done, the T- shirt was with Interpol we were told, sounds like it’s been taken seriously, we gave the go ahead to the Samui Times to publish the events, they did an amazing job, and from this, The Sun on line and The Mail on line picked it up and so on and so on…our daughter did one interview only, with The Times.
Whilst the Thai tourist police were “storming” Koh Tao with an army of police, combing the sand for DNA, …in the wrong place, interviewing the lady who ran the hostel where they were staying, not the bar where she was spiked, nor the couple who found her trying to walk back to the hostel.  The police then started stating that there couldn’t have been a rape as it was too busy, and there was a high tide… although we found out later there was no high tide and where the ordeal happened, was not near the bars,
We were reading lies and defamation of her character .
Our daughter is a BRITISH CITIZEN, and yet even though we pleaded with the British Embassy, the FCO and Cressida Dick for this assault to be taken seriously and that actually, the DNA on the t shirt could be crucial to not only finding the rapists, but could have been connected with any one of the heinous crimes that have happened on Koh Tao, it was handed over to Thai police who flew to the UK to get it.
The Thai police gave a statement on 16th October stating that there was DNA on the t shirt, that of an Asian/ Eurasian male, but no semen, they tested it against 20 males they had “ on their books”, they will not blame anybody.
The 16th was the first we had heard of their outcome, and to this day, other than the vice ambassador telling my husband he knew nothing and that he would not email anymore as the emails will be published, still nothing.
Perhaps I should have listened to the PC when I called 101.
It ain’t over till the fat lady sings!

The Samui Times reporting of this case has caused chaos in Thailand. The story was shared by Facebook page CSI LA, 15 men who shared the story were subsequently arrested for computer crimes and the administrator of the CSI LA page as well as the editor of the Samui Times had warrants put out for their arrest.

To this date the police have never contacted the Samui Times or the editor and no copy of the arrest warrant has ever been produced. It is understood that region 8 police officers conducted a search of the island for the editor despite knowing full well she left Thailand over two years ago and has never returned. The Samui Times is not, and has never been based on Koh Samui or in Thailand, there is no registered company within Thailand, furthermore the editor and staff are not based in Thailand. The Samui Times servers are also not based in Thailand and never have been.

The Samui Times has been accused of publishing fake news on a rape story where Thai police officers flew to the UK to interview the victim. Had the news have been fake it is unfathomable why they would do so.

The Samui Times would very much like to hear from the Thai police with regards to the arrest warrant and with regards to the whereabouts of the T-shirt contacting the DNA from the rape. The Samui Times would be very interested to know why they are accused of peddling fake news when the Royal Thai police stated in a press conference that the rape could not have taken place due to a high tide when in fact it was not high tide on the night of the attack. The only fake statements made with regards to this story have come from the Thai police and not the Samui Times.

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