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Mother of German killed by a Thai driver begs for justice

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Mother of German killed by a Thai driver begs for justice | Samui Times
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On the 3rd of December 2015 at 11.00pm Andreas Walter (47), from Babenhausen, near Frankfurt in Germany, was killed in a car accident in Karon, Phuket. The Lufthansa engineer had been shopping with his wife Patcharin (31). As they drove past 7-11 Thai driver Jakarin (27) from Nahon Si Thammarat Province drove into the couples Honda Scooter in his Black Honda Civic. According to several eye witnesses the driver of the car tried to flee the scene of the accident and in doing so drove over Mr Walter, who was stuck under Mr Walter dead in Thailand 1the car, three times killing him in the process. Patcharin was thrown onto the pavement during the accident and sustained head and face injuries as well as substantial bruises. A German forensic expert later stated that Walter would have certainly survived the accident if the driver had just stopped. But he did not.

After origionally pleadingmr walter dead in Thailand 3 not guilty during the trial at the Phuket Provincial Court in May 2016 Jakarin changed his plea to guilty of reckless driving and causing death accidentally while trying to get way from the scene, however he did not confess to either murder or manslaughter. It is believed his attorney persuaded him to change his plea to guilty in order to improve the situation and the mood of the judges.

The 2nd day of the trial will take place on June 24th. The family of Andreas Walter in Germany have released an open letter to the killer of their son. Mother Helga Walter (77) writes to Jakarin and begs him to confess and tell the whole truth about this dreadful and tragic night in Karon. She writes that he has caused the death of her beloved boy because he cowardly tried to save himself from any kind of responsibility. She accuses him of mr walter dead in Thailand 2murder because her son would still be alive if he had just stopped his car after the accident – and many witnesses approved this version to the police later, too. Andreas Walter’s lungs collapsed due to the severe injuries – several ribs perforated his lung and he died on the scene of the accident in pain. His Thai wife stayed in Phuket hospital for two days prior to being released and today can live a normal life. She continues to run the business the couple ran together, the Café Elephant in Karon, however she wishes to have no more to do with the case and move on with her life. The deceased man’s mother Helga Walter adds a comment to her open letter, that the Thai driver should relief his own pain by confessing – also regarding his Buddhist religion and the fact that he might have a miserable next life having screws up so much in this one. An interesting view from a German mother whose son told her a great deal about Thailand and its culture, a country he loved very much. Andreas Walter wanted to stay in Thailand after his retirement and was partner of the Café Elephant in Karon and a devoted husband to his wife Patcharin.

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