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“Mr Durian” gets more than he bargained for after advertising his daughter for 10 million baht!

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“Mr Durian” gets more than he bargained for after advertising his daughter for 10 million baht! | Samui Times
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The wealthy durian trader who advertised the hand of his daughter in marriage for ten million baht is regretting his decision. 

The phone hasn’t stopped ringing and it is adversely affecting his business. Tens of thousands of calls have come in and he only has one phone. 

In addition dozens of men have turned up at the family business in Lang Suan, Chumpon, to apply. 

Even foreigners have been calling from as far afield as Sweden. 

Daily News reported that Anon Rotthong, 59, also known as Pa Non (sugar daddy Non) had advertised his daughter Karnsita as being available.

The prospective son-in-law just needed to be able to read and write, be hard working and not lazy, not be wasteful of money – oh, and he had to love durian.


He hoped to get someone to help with the family business based in Lang Suan in Thailand’s south.

In return he would give the successful man 10 million baht, ten cars and a house.

No dowry was necessary at all. 

Soon the calls started flooding in. A heartthrob in Trat by the name of Geo  or Premyosapon Khongsai emerged as a front runner but Anon saw through him.

He thought he was “too handsome” and would probably do the dirty on his daughter.

Anon told Daily News that the whole thing had become a headache as the phone had not stopped ringing and he only had one line to do business. 

Calls had flooded in from Thais as well as foreigners. People had called from China, Sweden, Japan and South Korea. 

Foreign film crews were coming to interview him. 

But worst of all were the hundreds of people who just wanted to borrow money and take his beloved daughter as a “mia noi” (minor wife or mistress). 

Dozens of hopeful men aged 25 – 30 had turned up at the durian business in pick-ups, he said. 

(Pick-ups! Oh the horror!! was the implication)

Hundreds called to say they would meet Karnsita or “Nong Karn” on April 1st…..

It is all becoming a bit much agreed the lady at the center of the story:

“Dad just meant for the post to go to close friends and associates. It was a bit of fun,” said Karn. “Now the whole world is beating a path to our door”. 

Thai Visa / Daily News

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