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“Mr Durian” says ‘stop calling’! My daughter will decide in the end

Samui Times Editor



“Mr Durian” says ‘stop calling’! My daughter will decide in the end | Samui Times
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The wealthy durian trader who offered his daughter and ten million baht to a potential son-in-law has begged people to stop calling. 

Anon Rotthong, 59, has had more than 10,000 calls from Thailand and abroad. 

He said his business was suffering and no one was getting any sleep.

He called for an end to the plan and said that he will let nature take its course – his daughter will decide in the end who to marry based on love.


Sanook said daughter Karnsita, 26, looked exhausted from lack of sleep as she concurred with her dad at a press conference. 

The news had been translated into Chinese and 10 million people read it in an hour – such is the pulling power of money…..and durian!

Anon also pulled plans to hold a selection event at a market in Chantaburi on April 1st. He said it would create trouble there – there is not enough parking or infrastructure – people might get into fights over his daughter and he would not want that. 

He said what started as a bit of fun among his close friends on Facebook had blown out of all proportion. 

But he did say that when his daughter makes her choice of suitor he will still pay the guy 10 million baht and get him a car and house. 


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