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Mum from Adelaide appeals for funds to bring her father home from Thailand

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Mum from Adelaide appeals for funds to bring her father home from Thailand | Samui Times
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Mother of two, Susan Monagan has been living through what she describes as a nightmare since January when her father fell head-first onto a pavement on his way home from a bar in Bangkok. The former Darwin school teacher has been left stuck in a Thai hospital with no money left to pay his medical bills or travel back to Australia where he can get the treatment he needs for his injuries. 71 year old Malcolm Taylor’s daughter has now made a passionate plea to the public to help her raise the funds she needs to being her father home.

Australian dad stuck in ThailandWhen Mr. Taylor fell over in the nation’s capital he was initially taken to a local hospital in Bangkok but was later transferred to the private Bangkok Pattaya Hospital under the false assumption he had private health insurance. His medical bills now stand at around $80,000 Australian dollars and neither he or his family can afford to pay them. The hospital have offered to waive the fees if Mr. Taylors family can arrange to move him from their facility, but due to the nature of his condition that is posing further problems. The man requires immediate medical evacuation back to Australia, a trip that is estimated to cost around $57,000 dollars.

Mr. Taylor is currently receiving basic free care at the hospital, but not the rehabilitative treatment he needs to be able to walk and eat unaided. His daughter, after maxing out her savings and credit cards trying to help her father, has now shared her story on Go Fund Me in an attempt to raise the funds to get her father the treatment he requires. Mrs. Monaghan has been overwhelmed by the response to her plea, many donations have come in from Mr. Taylors former students.

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