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Mum plea for son who fears for his life in a Thai jail

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Mum plea for son who fears for his life in a Thai jail | Samui Times
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The mother of a man currently incarcerated says her son is in fear of his life after picking up the wrong suitcase at the airport.

Skegness born Steven Moody was on his way to Thailand in April to visit his Thai wife. His mother believes that during his trip for what he and she thought would be a romantic holiday he managed to pick up the wrong suitcase. Steven, who suffers from disability disabled man in jail in Thailandafter having a large brain tumour removed in 2007 has limited sight and hearing, suffers from blurred vision and blackouts as well as depression. Due to limitations to his sight he took a large yellow suitcase on his vacation to make it easy to spot, however when he realized that he had picked up the wrong one he threw it away and was later arrested after the owner of the case claimed it contained two million bahts worth of diamonds.

Now in Samut prison his mother fears for his life as he shares space with murders, drug dealers and hardened criminals. She is also concerned that many of the inmates may suffer from HIV. She told reporters in the UK that as a result of his health conditions her son has been beaten up and is afraid to go to sleep in case he is attacked and has also attempted suicide during his time behind bars.

Stevens friend Leigh flew out to see him after his arrest and has been in touch with the British Embassy. He told reporters that Steven is the only English man in the jail and is suffering cramped and horrific conditions in a cell he shares with 80 other prisoners. Leigh is concerned that there is no air conditioning and temperatures regularly reach 36 degrees and said that Steven should not be in there.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: “We have been providing assistance since he was detained in Thailand in April 2016, including visits to him to check on his welfare. We will remain in close contact with local authorities to ensure he is receiving appropriate support.”



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