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Murder, imprisonment and violence in Pattaya

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Murder, imprisonment and violence in Pattaya | Samui Times
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In Pattaya this week Sean Tinsley was jailed for six years for assaulting Adam Pickles in Pattaya in 2012. Mr Pickles, 34, spent one year in a coma after being attacked by an iron bar in what was described as a road rage incident. The conviction came about after the initial ruling of not guilty was overturned on appeal. Mr Pickles, who was the head of English at Regents International School in Pattaya, is said to no longer be in a coma, but is only able to move his eyes and his fingers, and give the occasional smile in the UK where he has been receiving treatment. Mr Tinsley, from Wolverhampton, escaped a charge of attempted murder but was convicted of assault.

On Thursday night a woman was stabbed to death in front of hundreds of shocked tourists during a walking street market in Pattaya. The shocking incident took place in front of the 7 Eleven store smack bang in the middle of market. It is believed that the 33 year old victim was attacked by her 21 year old boyfriend, a soldier stationed in Lopburi Province. The couple were estranged at the time of the attack.

The attacker was arrested at the scene an taken to Pattaya Police station where detectives informed him the woman had died soon after the attack despite rescue efforts to save her. Her friends, two females and two Australian men were also hurt in the attack as they tried to fight off her attacker who stabbed the woman in her back, chest and throat.

In a separate incident an Australian man was assaulted outside a Go Go Bar in South Pattaya, it is believed he had refused to pay his bar bill. The incident took place on Wednesday night. Bar staff told the police that the man, named Johnny, was heavily intoxicated when he arrived at the bar, he drank two drinks, amounting to a 160 baht bill and then refused to pay. The staff tried to resolve the situation but the customer left before he was assaulted outside by another foreigner according to the staff. The man sustained a head wound during the altercation.

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