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Murder of politician’s father: Hitman got the wrong person out jogging

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Murder of politician’s father: Hitman got the wrong person out jogging | Samui Times
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A well known Thai politician’s father out jogging on Sunday was shot dead but it was a case of mistaken identity.

Murder of politician's father: Hitman got the wrong person out jogging | News by Samui Times

The hitman on the back of a motorcycle mistook him for someone else. 

Meanwhile a building contractor is under 24 hour police guard. 

Two people have been arrested including the shooter while up to five people are thought to have paid 100,000 baht each for the hit. 

Shot twice on Sunday while out exercising was 78 year old Adisak Phupiam, the owner of a large religious supplies store. 

He was the father of Chainat politician Ekkachai Phupiam known as Ek. 

Adisak was shot twice with an 11 mm gun in Soi Chaiyaporn in Moo 4 Ban Kruay sub-district of Muang Chainat in central Thailand. 

Police Maj Gen Thanayut Wuthijaratthamrong – Region 1 deputy police chief – local police and the governor of Chainat yesterday announced the arrest of two men – Saner, 56, and Noppadol 28. 

Saner was the shooter on the back of a Suzuki Akira motorcycle being driven by the younger man. 

Saner was arrested in Suphanburi and admitted he had shot the wrong person. He had only been given a description and was told the man would be out exercising. 

Next day the motorcycle rider was taken into custody in Ayuthaya. 

Yesterday they were taken on a reconstruction of the crime. As part of the reconstruction Saner was heard to shout “Hia” (a term used to address a wealthy person of usually Chinese descent) to attract the victim before the shooting. 

Pol Maj-Gen Thanayut said that the rider and shooter escaped in a waiting pick-up that was parked nearby.

He was tight lipped about who the real victim was meant to be. 

He said that a further warrant has been issued and that at least 5 people paid 100,000 baht each for the organized hit. He said that soon everyone would be in custody.

The first two have been charged with murder and weapons offences. 

Sanook further reported that a building contractor called Prawet Theeramet was under 24 hour police protection.

It appears that he was the intended target though this has yet to be confirmed. 


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