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Music video reaches out to give people a better understanding about HIV

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Music video reaches out to give people a better understanding about HIV | Samui Times
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The Thailand Network of People Living with HIV/Aids together with the Payai Creation are to launch a new music video “Kwan Jing Thi Yak Bok Untold Story” to reach out to the public and give them a better understanding of HIV/Aids sufferers. Suntaraporn Keskaew, the project manager of the Thailand Network of People Living with HIV/Aids believes that with a greater public understanding and acceptance, those infected would not need to conceal their infections and would then be able to openly seek advice from others.

HIV AidsIn the video, a song sung by Earn-Kwan tells the stories of teenagers living with HIV/Aids. One girl is afraid to tell her friends as she believes that they would never accept her or would perhaps tell others about her disease.

Chutima Saisaengjan, who heads the We Understand group, a non-profit organization who help teenagers and children living with the disease says that communication is so important and that the rate of condom use is higher among those who have told their partners they have the disease.

Where some teens were able to tell their friends and family about their condition and receive support, others find that they face discrimination and even hatred that has, in the past, lead them to stop taking their medication and dying.

Chutima says that HIV is not that easy to catch and that there are ways in which you can protect yourself from the disease, she went on to say that many people who are infected can continue to live a normal life, however she warns that the rate of new HIV infections and related deaths among young adults was increasing due to reckless lifestyle choices and lack of encouragement in society.

It is generally agreed that there is still a negative attitude towards sufferers, an some people simply judge everyone with HIV and assume they are involved with immoral sexual practices, it is hoped that the video will help people understand that it is possible to live with those who have HIV.

1663 is a hotline number for those who wish to consult about HIV.

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