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My dolls saved me and my wife says lucky Thai driver

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My dolls saved me and my wife says lucky Thai driver | Samui Times
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A man who had ten ‘luuk thep’ dolls in the back of his pick-up said that the dolls had saved the lives of himself and his wife in a four car collision on the Chonburi motorway on Monday morning.
my doll saved meHighway police called to the accident at 3am found a Honda Civic and a pick-up that had collided and hit the central barrier. Following this two taxis had gone into the cars blocking the road. A total of five people were injured and taken to hospital, reports Thairath.
Driver of the Toyota pick-up Jamnian Sukcharoen said that the Civic had hit him on the right side causing him to lose control. The driver of the Civic said that he had fallen asleep at the wheel.
Police saw that there were several luuk thep dolls in the back of the pick-up. Jamnian said that he was on his way to Rayong and from time to time the ten dolls had sat on his wife’s lap. He said it was because of the dolls that they were not more seriously injured and the dolls caused them to leave their vehicle before the taxis smashed into them afterwards.
The accident happened at km 51 on the side going towards Chonburi.
Some Thai people look after luuk thep dolls as if they were their own children.
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