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My name’s Bond, David Bond….. alleged sex pest rumored in Thailand

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My name’s Bond, David Bond….. alleged sex pest rumored in Thailand | Samui Times
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A well known online blogger who it is claimed posted videos of sex with girls he tricked into bed all across Asia is believed to be back chasing women in Thailand.

But the alleged sex pest says on YouTube that it is all nonsense – he is just a regular guy having fun.

It is alleged that David Bond, an American from California, had sex with women in Thailand, China and Korea and posted his filmed adventures online in pay per view for foreigners to enjoy.

The claims have been made on a popular Thai Facebook page called “Black Hat”. The page claims Bond tricks women into his bed and uses hidden cameras from the point of meeting until satisfying his desires.

It said there is a string of victims of Bond’s behavior all across Asia including Thailand.

Clips of his adventures with Japanese and Chinese women are now blocked after complaints in those countries but Thai clips can still be viewed using a VPN to circumvent blocks, it is claimed.

Black Hat said that Bond was approached by a Thai man in a nightclub in Thailand this week after he was seen chatting up a woman.

Apparently the woman refused to believe she was being duped and a fist fight nearly erupted.

However, Bond has posted in an eleven minute YouTube video that he is fed up with being labeled a pest and he is not making sex videos.

In a video entitled “David Bond Sex Videos?” he boasts that he “keeps getting woken up by his many Thai girlfriends who are scared and sad about the news coming out of Thailand”.

He intimates that his sites are more about things like finding the best AirBnB accommodation or bank account rather than posting sex stories or videos of sex. He boasts about his Asian looking Californian girlfriend who likes to dress up for raunchy adventures.

He shows a video of himself chatting up a Thai girl in Terminal 21 in Bangkok but after they go to the subway the camera “dies” and there is no more to see.

His “Single Man’s Guide to Thailand” is more about SIM cards than sex, he says. “I provide visa information – very pornographic,” he adds sarcastically.

But the Thais are not convinced – warnings about David Bond being in Thailand are all over social media as the bloggers’ fame spreads.

Some posters commenting on YouTube said Asian men are just jealous of a farang getting more of the “Asian action” than they are, while others suggested that Bond was just talking “BS”.

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