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Mysterious fires in Phatthalung now divulged

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Mysterious fires in Phatthalung now divulged | Samui Times
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A string of mysterious fires at a home in Tamot district of Phatthalung is now exposed by a television channel’s news team which hid several surveillance cameras in the house and found the fire was a work of a female relative of the house owner.

mysterious fires in ThailandDigital Channel 8 today released a brief video footage of a surveillance camera concealed inside a room showing a woman was acting suspiciously near the room corner as if she was lighting something.

The video footage was posted on YouTube.

The footage showed the woman later walked out and returned seconds later into the room with a small girl directing her to point to where she just left saying fire, fire.

The video footage showed many people outside came in to put out the fire.

Channel 8 said its news team was in the village to find out the mystery, but could not find anything unusual while over 10 fires were reported happening while the team was in the house to investigate.

It decided to stay overnight in the home and hide several cameras to catch the unusual fires.

The truth was later exposed when one camera caught the woman lighting the fire and called the small girl inside the room to point to the fire scene.

Channel 8 said now rested with the police to probe and to look into what legal action they will take on the woman who was not identified yet.

Since last month, 150 fires have been reported in the home.

According to Thaivisa News, last week, the governor of Phatthalung Mr Winai Buapradit, Phatthalung governor also went to the home to investigate the cause of the fire.

During the investigation, a wardrobe caught fire in one of the bedrooms. The family quickly put out the fire before it could do any major damage.

The home owner Mr Lom Sakwan, 63, said he and his family had been living in the home for about eight years.

He recalled that the first fire broke out on March 17 and destroyed a makeshift shelter outside of the home.

Since that day, 150 fires have broken out in the home. Naturally, the family is frightened and spooked.

Several government agencies came to inspect but no formal inspection was carried.

Some said the fires were caused by spirits and advised the home owner to perform supernatural rite to drive away spirits in the home.

But some said the fire might be caused by chemical reactions.

However no scientific test has ever been conducted to find out the exact cause until the news team decided to probe the mystery seriously.

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