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Mythos by Fi Greek Restaurant a dining experience not to be missed

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Mythos by Fi Greek Restaurant a dining experience not to be missed | Samui Times
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Mythos by Fi Greek restaurants aim is to provide an extraordinary Mediterranean dining experience and that is exactly what they do. From the second you walk into either of their dining houses it becomes abundantly clear that everybody at the Fi restaurant is passionate about the quality of the Greek food just as they claim. Before you even get as far as casting your eye over the incredible menu, the smell of fine Mediterranean cuisine pervading the atmosphere will have already wetted your appetite.

fi 2 Fi Greek restaurant has two branches, one in Maenam and one next to Tesco Lotus Chaweng, the Samui Times went to visit the branch near Tesco Lotus and miraculously, once inside barely even noticed the super store was there.

What started off as a factory for creating homemade yoghurt this large building with its high ceilings has developed into a wonderful space where diners can enjoy what is without a doubt some of the best food available on the island. There is nothing fancy about this restaurant but it has everything you need to feel comfortable. The open sides of the building allow for a decent cooling breeze. The bamboo wall reminds you that you are on a tropical island, the décor and checked table cloths remind you of being in Greece and the spacious indoor and outdoor seating areas are ideal whether you are after a romantic meal for two or you are sharing one of Samui’s best kept secrets with friends.

However, it is fair to say that the cat is out of the bag now and Mythos is very quickly gaining a reputation as one of the best dining experiences on offer and that is no mean feat on an island that has more than its fair share of fine cuisine on offer. But there is something extra special about Mythos that is hard to put your finger on. It could be that the level of hospitality you receive here is off the scale of warm and welcoming, before you even get as far as being efficient. On our visit our hosts Christos and Oi could not have been more attentive and Christo’s passion and love for his native Greece’s foods and flavors could not have been more apparent. It could be the clever selection and combination of local and imported produce, it could be the fabulous food preparation, the authenticity of the Greek food or just the winning combination of all of the above.

Fi 3We arrived on a Friday night when Mythos plays host to an all you can eat buffet that is ridiculously good value for money. The night’s incredible line up of taste sensations for us started with homemade flat pitta bread and tzatziki made from the homemade yoghurt that is fresh and pure but tastes like the most indulgent thing you have ever had the good fortune to put in your mouth, combined with the flavors of garlic and cucumber this is one tzatziki you will never forget. The pitta bread is light and fluffy and like everything else served here has that subtle taste of quality about it. Next we indulged in the most delicious feta cheese, imported from Christo’s home town and Kalamata olives with extra virgin olive oil and dry oregano, mouthwatering doesn’t even come close to describing either the cheese or the olives. Having lived in Greece and eaten in some of the islands best restaurants I can honestly say I have never had better.

Next up to the table were the Zucchini Patties or Kolokithokeftedes that were seasoned and cooked to perfection and severed with homemade yoghurt dipping sauce, frankly, as a meat lover, I started to wonder why I eat meat when vegetarian food tastes as good as this. I am not the biggest fan of spring rolls, but one mere nibble of the dish that came out next, Santorini spring rolls, made from delicate filo pastry and stuffed with feta cheese with vegetables and I became the biggest fan for miles around, and if you think that perhaps I am lost for words to describe the flavors and textures here you would be quite right, I would be lying if I didn’t say they left me speechless and at this point starting to wish I had never left Greece, although I can honestly say I never tasted anything quite this good in all the time I lived there.

fi 7The Greek salad is another dish that will not fail to impress, this crunchy fresh salad containes perfectly ripened tomatoes, more of that incredible original feta cheese, cool cucumber, red onions, green bell peppers, more tantalizing olives and extra virgin olive oil. Other dishes on the starters and appetizers menu include homemade humus, Eggplant vinaigrette dip, a classic Greek appetizer called Melitzanosalata with a crunchy texture with smoked eggplant mixed with olive oil, lemon juice and herbs, Tyrosalata spicy cream cheese, falafel and a nice selection of Thai dishes including drunken chicken wings, shrimp and vegetable spring rolls, oven baked feta, shrimps saganaki, Fried courgettes, squid, prawn and chicken tempura and steamed mussels with herbs and white wine.

The salad menu is bursting with fresh flavors as well as the Greek salad you can enjoy creamy potato salad made with Greek yoghurt, insalata caprese of sliced fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil seasoned with salt, and hearty tuna or chicken salads.

With hardly any space left for the main courses we were then found ourselves speechless once again when we tasted another authentic Greek dish that had been cooked to perfection, the moussaka that will not fail to blow your mind, there is a vegetarian version that is just as impressive. fi 6Another special moment arrived when we tried the Yogurtlu Kebab, one of the most delectable side dishes of the Politiki (Constantinople’s) cuisines made with mixed pork and beef. We then feasted on the most tender pork and chicken Souvlaki that were seasoned and grilled and to perfection on the BBQ and served with more homemade pitta bread. The main course menu also features some fabulous pasta dishes, catch of the day grilled fish, beef stewed stifado style, Soutzoukakia – delicious little sausages of ground meat mixed with lamb which are slightly red and then bathed in wine and tomato sauce severed with steamed rice and French fries, and of course there are delectable lamb souvlaki kebabs to boot. Chicken fillets, lamb chops, beef steaks also feature on the main course menu as do a nice selection of authentic Thai dishes.

If you are going to eat as much as we did during the buffet then I highly recommend doing it with a glass of Ouzo that will help your digestive system get though a mind blowing, gastronomic feast that nothing you could have done would have prepared it for. The house wine is fabulous and there are plenty of spirits, beers and soft drinks on the beverage menu to keep you happy as well as smoothies made from that ‘oh too special’ homemade yoghurt.
If you do have some space left for dessert then try the Baklava or the exotic fruits yoghurt parfait, both show stopping dishes.

Fi 5If you find you can’t go more than a day without indulging in these heavenly dishes you will be please to know that many of the products here are on sale and there is a free home delivery service!

Mythos restaurant is such a welcome addition to the Samui dining circuit and one that should not be missed. The food here is exceptional and so is the hospitality and it is very easy to understand why so many residents of the island have pronounced it as their new favorite restaurant. This is a place where you need to go with a huge appetite but not a huge wallet. Parking is no problem, there are always specials, both for lunch and dinner, it opens at 11am and closes around 10pm. The buffet on Fridays starts at 6-30pm. So next time you want to be blown away by incredible food give Mythos in Chawng or Mythos in Maenam a try, and get ready to add a new favorite restaurant to your dining list!
For more information visit the Fi dining website by clicking HERE

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