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“Nadia” the giant croc terrorizing southern Thai town

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“Nadia” the giant croc terrorizing southern Thai town | Samui Times
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A giant crocodile called Nadia is spooking the residents of Nakorn Sri Thammarat after it was confirmed she had escaped.

crocodile_thailandThe female croc is a giant specimen of 5 metres in length and nobody knows where she is.

Authorities have finally been forced to admit she had escaped from the central Thung Tha Lart park after four days of denials. They said they denied the claims because they didn’t want to panic the locals, reports Manager Online.

Now this has come back to bite them. Wildlife officials are telling the locals not to kill the beast on any account. It is a rare specimen and they want to handle its capture.

But overhead photography and a four day boat search has failed to find Nadia.

Earlier district chief Chaonawat Senapong had dismissed the idea that the beast had escaped saying it was news leaked by a political rival to discredit him.

But yesterday evening it was confirmed that Nadia was on the loose along with another two foot long creature.

Manager reported that just two crocs out of four were reported still in an enclosure yesterday evening.

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