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The Nadimos Restaurant – the tastes and smells of the Lebanon have changed location

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The Nadimos Restaurant – the tastes and smells of the Lebanon have changed location | Samui Times
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Lovers of Lebanese food have long known that Nadimos is the only place where the senses can be indulged and the tastes and flavors of this incredible cuisine can be enjoyed, however, at its new location, on the Patchurat Pier in Bangrak, now the view, atmosphere and surroundings are almost as impressive as the cuisine.

nadimos 1Mr. Richard Al Ghoul first introduced Thailand to his culinary visions in Bangkok where he has two restaurants, a third is just being launched, it is no surprise that Koh Samui’s branch is enjoying the same success on the island that Richard has enjoyed since 2009 in the nation’s capital.

The breaking news is that Nadimos has now moved to the prestigious Petcherat Marina in Bangrak.

Nadimos now occupies two covered floors both with incredible ocean views and an outdoor terrace with seating overlooking the ocean that creeps out along the picturesque pier that offers interrupted views of the ocean and the island and of course gives you unlimited access to Samui’s incredible sunsets. Nadimos is relishing its superb new location and boasts a vast and incredibly reasonably priced, menu has a fantastic selection of the most famous Lebanese dishes such as Tabbouleh – chopped parsley and tomatoes with a fresh, zesty citrus overtone, Baba Ghanoush – a smoky grilled eggplant dip, Hummus – silky nadimos 2mashed chickpeas with sesame paste and Kebab. Another aspect that makes dining at Nadimos so unique are the staff who are attentive but not invasive and have a vast knowledge of the menu that is extremely useful if you are not familiar with Lebanese cuisine.

So what is on this incredible menu well from the starter menu it is hard to resist the Tabbouleh salad that is fresh and crisp and delivers mouthwatering flavors as well as other salads that contain clever combinations of fresh ingredients as well as herbs and dressings.

For meat lovers the Kebbe Nayeh – minced filet of prime lamb, mixed onions, fresh mint and crushed wheat should satisfy your taste buds or perhaps the Kafta Nayyeh – prime lamb meat minced with fresh parsley, onions, spices and herbs.

From the cold meza menu it would a crime not to choose the Hummus that is rich and creamy and hard to leave alone after the first taste. If you fancy a variation on this popular dish try it mixed with pickles, parsley, spring onions & garlic, or with sesame sauce and fresh spinach, with mixed nuts and chili or with sesame sauce and mushrooms.

Nadimos 3 jpgThe musakaa is a rich and sumptuous dish and if you really want to treat yourself order a portion of Labneh – soft white cheese with fresh mint and olive oil, or if you can prefer you can enjoy garlic Labneh. Another excellent choice for cheese lovers is the Shanklish – aged cheese with herbs served with tomatoes and spring onions. The Warak Enab Dolma – Vine leaves stuffed with vegetarian rice will delight vegetarians and non vegetarians a like and the Mohammara – crushed walnuts with pomegranate sauce is a dish well worth trying.

The hot mezza section of the menu is equally impressive and has mouthwatering spicy potato, HummusNadimos 5 jpg topped with lamb or chicken shawarma, Makanek – pan fried sausages with lemon juice, Sujuk – spicy homemade lamb sausages with fresh tomato sauce, the falafel is out of this world and the assorted mixed puff cheese rolls with samusa meat, samusa spinach and vegetables are a great choice if you want to enjoy a variety of tastes and flavors.

Anything from the grill will more than satisfy your desire for classic Lebanese dishes that are bursting with flavors, and have been grilled to perfection. However which dishes to choose can be difficult when you are faced with a choice of Chicken Tawook, Grilled lamb skewers, Kabab Kafta, Khachkhach, Orfaili, Ezmali or Istambouli. For lamb lovers the chops are a must.

Nadimos 6For a real taste of the Lebanon try one of the Shawarma dishes of either chicken or lamb or both if you can’t decide. Other traditional dishes that are well worth a try are the Daood Bacha meatballs, Lamb Ouze that is served with cardamom rice or Siayadieh – pan fried red snapper filet on a bed of brown onion rice. Of course no Lebanese dish would be complete without fresh pita or mankushe straight from the oven.

The menu also has some superb fresh fish dishes and again if you can’t decide then there is a mixed basket option that has baby octopus, calamari, cuttlefish, shrimps mussels all pan fried and served with coriander basil sauce.

Nadimos 4And if you have any room left after that then why not finish your meal with a traditional Lebanese dessert.

There is no doubt that this new location will do nothing but further increase Nadimos already impressive spot on the Koh Samui dining map. Here you feel that you are really living as well as really dining. When you really want to enjoy the unique atmosphere at the heaven that is Nadimos with an extra touch then you will find the icing on the cake on both Wednesdays and Saturdays when you can dine accompanied by live Jazz.

For more information visit the Nadimos website by clicking here or the Facebook page by clicking here

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