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National police chief to fly to Trat to question five Cambodian fishermen accused of raping two French tourists

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National police chief to fly to Trat to question five Cambodian fishermen accused of raping two French tourists | Samui Times
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National police chief will fly to Koh Kood Island in Trat province in helicopter late today to personally question five Cambodian fishermen arrested after they were accused of beating two French tourists and raping their female compatriots on Koh Kood in Trat province on Saturday night.

rape in TratPol Gen Chakthip Chaichinda will fly in a police helicopter to question the five Cambodian suspects, who worked on board a Thai fishing boat, this afternoon and will also witness the reenactment of their crimes at the crime scene by himself.

According to police report, three of the five suspects were arrested before dawn Sunday while trying to hide in bushes to escape hunt by alerted police and residents, while two other colleagues were arrested in yesterday afternoon at a border checkpoint while trying to cross over to Koh Kong of Cambodia in the bid to escape.

Preliminary police investigation revealed that the five were drinking liquor on their Thai fishing boat, and after they ran out, they put on life jackets and swam to the shore to buy some more.

The drunken men ran into a group of four French tourists, two women and two men, who were walking around the back of their resort on Saturday night.

According to Bangkok Post, the Cambodian boat crew tried to kidnap the two women, aged 57 and 28, and assaulted their male companions, aged 30 and 29, attacking them when they tried to help.

They allegedly raped the women after the first man was injured and the second ran for help at the resort.

The attackers fled after a group of resort staff and residents accompanied by the French man came to help.

The three French victims were found in critical condition and were initially treated at Koh Kood hospital before transferred to Trat hospital.

Doctors said that they had undergone surgery and were treated in an intensive care unit where their conditions now are described as satisfactory.

Police said after the resort staff alerted police, a 50-strong force of Marines, police and local administrative officials supported by villagers sealed off their escape route.

Three, still in half naked dresses, were apprehended from bushes before dawn.

The other two were captured by immigration police at Hat Lek immigration checkpoint in Trat’s Klong Yai district at 3pm Sunday as they allegedly tried to flee to Cambodia’s Koh Kong province.

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