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Nearly a tonne of drugs found in big Bangkok ganja bust

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Nearly a tonne of drugs found in big Bangkok ganja bust | Samui Times
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Bangkok police rounded up two dealers and almost a tonne of ganga in the Prakhanong area after a sting on Wednesday.

ganga bustThey are hopeful that the arrests will lead to a local drug kingpin being arrested soon, reports Thairath.

Acting police chief Lt. General Sanit Mahathavorn announced the bust Thursday saying that 878 kilos of compressed marijuana had been seized as the force close in on “Bank Phraram Kaw” the mastermind behind the operation.

Police had earlier set up a sting in the Patanakarn Soi 50 area of Suan Luang where they pretended to buy a kilo of ganja from two men who were promptly arrested – they were Saharat Khiawpimpa and Pawan Chanchaikhot, both 22.

Saharat led police to lodgings in Prakhanong where 877 kilos of the drug were found in bags that normally would contain animal food. Investigations revealed that in January the pair had bought 100 kilos of ganja that they had successfully sold for their contact “Bank”.

The boss had then contacted them with a further business proposition and they ended up handling 1000 kilos of the drug delivered by another person near the Ya Kult factory in the Vipawadi area of northern Bangkok. This delivery was the haul discovered by police for which the men were paid 5000 baht a kilo to distribute thereafter.

An arrest warrant is now out for “Bank”. Police say they know his identity but were waiting for the warrant. An arrest is expected quickly, they said.

Police added that the ganga came to Bangkok from the North East of Thailand and represented a large drugs bust.

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