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“Negligent” foreign tourist on big bike slams into Thais

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“Negligent” foreign tourist on big bike slams into Thais | Samui Times
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Dash cam footage has been posted on Facebook that shows a foreign tourist on a big bike without a helmet smashing into Thais on a motorcycle on the Koh Samui ring road.

imageThe footage reveals that the foreigner undercuts the car with the dash cam then swerves out from behind a pick-up. Sanook said that he then collided with two Thais who were waiting to turn right.

Officer Parinya Raksakaew of Bo Phut police said that the foreigner had driven negligently and was also in the wrong for not wearing a helmet.

Three people were left injured on the roadway after the accident in the Lamai area of the holiday island. Sanook said it was lucky that the injured were not run over by other cars.

Police urged all rental shops on the island to only rent bikes to people with licenses and to insist on helmet wearing.

The footage was on a Thai page entitled “Nai Sai Sing Team”.

Source: Sanook

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