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A new approach to flood protection

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A new approach to flood protection | Samui Times
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When Nigel Ayling came to Thailand it was certainly not to try to do something about the ongoing flood problems the nation suffers from ever year, but to play golf.

However after seeing the problems communities face due to flood water in Thailand Nigel hung up his clubs and put his mind to finding a solution to rather large problem and with a background as a project consultant in the UK he had just the skills he needed to come up with some ideas.

After spending eighteen months looking at, and testing various different options Nigel and his business partner decided that one of the best options to deal with flood water was sand bags, that sound like nothing new but in fact, what Nigel and his team have created irradiates many of the problems associated with sandbags that many people don’t know exist.

flow bags 3One of the problems with sandbags is that they don’t last and often are often made out of sacks that are intended for other uses and soon deteriorate in the sun and the floods. Once the bag break open the sandbag wall will very soon be useless but a far more worrying problem is the bacteria that seeps into the sand, making what looks like a harmless sandbag a harmful, toxic, bacteria ridden health hazard.

Flood water is not the kind of water that you want to come into contact with. It is full of all sorts of things from oil and chemicals to dead animals and excrement. Flood water seeps into the sand inside the bag, as well as contaminating the outside of it and anybody who touches it is then in danger of contacting something nasty. Once the floods have gone this sand must then be disposed of very carefully and local laws in each country dictate safe areas to dispose of the contaminated sand. This means that sand bags are not safe to touch without protective gloves and cannot be reused, unless of course you got it from Nigel’s company Projx Flood Protection and it is a Flo-Bag.

Flo-Bags are the world’s first re usable sandbags. Made from a specially formulated membrane these bags are protected against harmful UV rays, oil, chemicals and salt water. Each hard core sand does the job of ten traditional bags, and they are the shape of a very large brick, rather than the pillow shape of traditional sandbag that means you can build far more effective walls out of them. Flo-bags last up to ten years so if you have the space to store them you only need to fill them once. If not then you can empty them for easier storage without having to worry about the contaminated sand inside because having not come into contact with the flood water it will not be contaminated and can be easily disposed off anywhere. These clever bags have straps to help you build a protective wall that takes around half the time it would take to construct a wall with traditional sandbags and they only cost three quarters of the price a normal sandbag per SQM of flood wall, and they are environmentally friendly.

The Flo-bags have many uses. They can be used for industrial or residential building perimeter protection up to 1.5 meters, for gated entrance and building opening protection for up to 1.5 meters, can be used as secondary flood protection around expensive machinery were a concrete wall is already present around the perimeter of a building and they can be used as drain and manhole cover flood protection.

The other interesting thing about these sandbags is that not only can you have them in any colour you choose, they can be customized in terms of adding your business logo and or address, a great way to ensure they are not stolen as well. The bags can also be sand colored and used on the beach without creating an eye sore for hotel or villa guests and they hit the mark legally being used on the beach as they are not permanent structures that would be illegal to erect on the beach in Thailand anyway.

Flow bags are manufactured in Thailand and have been rigorously tested to FM Approvals standards at the Department of Water Resources Engineering at Chukalongkorn University. They have been tested against both static water levels, a wave test and a dynamic impact test.

Projx offer full flood surveys of your premises and can offer building maintenance suggestions and drain solutions from one of their qualified Chartered building engineers.

For more information on Flow Bags visit the Projx Facebook page by clicking HERE

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