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New Bangkok “landmark” set to wow tourists – whatever you call it!

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New Bangkok “landmark” set to wow tourists – whatever you call it! | Samui Times
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Daily News trumpeted the arrival of what they called Bangkok’s newest landmark – but the news media were still a bit unfamiliar with the name.

New BangkokWhat is likely to be known as a “Sky Walk and Sky Plaza” was referred to as a Sky Wall in their headline then something that might be pronounced Sky Wart in their story.

They also referred to a lift for the handicapped as a “Stair Life”.

But we at Thaivisa think we know what they mean.

At a cost of 300 million baht the project is an overhead walkway at the busy Pathum Wan intersection in downtown Bangkok.

Building started at the beginning of last year and it is now going to be handed over to the Bangkok authority in a ceremony tomorrow.

Following the language confusion it is expected to be called the “Sky Walk and Sky Plaza” and joins up many of the well known stores and attractions in the area with the BTS.

Daily News reported that 85,000 people use the department stores daily and the walkway is expected to raise that to 100,000.

A total of 500,000 people are expected to use it in total per day.

One of its unique features is a stair lift at the Siam Kila BTS station for people in wheelchairs. This has been jointly funded by the owners of MBK.

It is hoped to be an added convenience for the handicapped or aged and actually be a stair lift as mentioned in Thai and not a Stair Life as reported in brackets in English.

Daily News said that the skywalk would be a new feature of central Bangkok life and would be a landmark for the city attracting Thais and tourists alike.

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