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New Bangkok Nightlife Curfew Rumors Cause Tourism Concerns

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New Bangkok Nightlife Curfew Rumors Cause Tourism Concerns | Samui Times
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Bangkok nightlife and entertainment venues have been notified of an impending curfew to start this weekend and last for 2 weeks.

Entertainment and nightlife venues are concerned over the recent curfews put in place in Bangkok. Owners have been notified by police that a two week curfew will be put in place, forcing venues to close by midnight.

The enforcement is set to begin this weekend. A nightclub owner, who did not want to be identified, stated that there are no exceptions to the curfew.

Curfews at this time of year are the norm due to the Buddhist holiday of Makha Bucha. However, an extended curfew is a major concern for nightclub and entertainment venues. Wednesday night, local police and army personnel ordered many venues to close for the evening. Warnings of the coming curfews were also given to owners.

Thailand’s tourism industry is one of the country’s biggest industries. Owners of nightclubs and entertainment venues are concerned that a new curfew will cause tourists to go elsewhere.

No official response has been given by the police on the issue.

Initial reports speculate that city police are trying to focus on illegal business operations. Recently, the military has accused police of negligence for allowing illegal businesses to continue operating without taking action against them.

Last year, a curfew was put in place for nearly a month starting on May 22nd. The curfew was set at 10 PM initially, but was gradually extended to midnight. Popular resorts suffered revenue losses as a result. The junta eventually lifted the curfew on June 16th, citing that tourism needed to be revived in the country.

Mid-February through April are the warmest months in Thailand. A two-week curfew will have a major impact on the thriving tourism in Bangkok. Extended curfews come at a bad time for a struggling economy that greatly depends on tourism.

No official announcements of a curfew have been given at this time.

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