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New Beach Volleyball Tourney on Samui… Sensational!

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New Beach Volleyball Tourney on Samui… Sensational! | Samui Times
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21 February 2017…Koh Samui, Thailand—An exceptionally successful debut of the ‘Koh Samui Beach Volleyball Club Tournament’ organised by local enthusiasts premiered on the beautiful island of Samui at the fun & sun-filled ambience of ‘The Beach Bar’ at Chaweng Noi, Koh Samui, Thailand.

New Beach Volleyball Tourney on Samui… Sensational! | News by Samui TimesActive for years in Samui beach volleyball games and a well-known South East Asia beach volleyball tournament player, Cord Biggs organised the event, joined by Tanit Sungket (Jesse) and The Beach Bar owner, Tinnakorn Poolsawad, his management and staff and other valued Event Sponsors.

Charlie Solares organised bringing teams from neighboring island, Koh Phangnan, through a pre-Koh Samui tournament, awarding top winners free team entry to the Samui tournament. Khun Tanit was instrumental in signing up many strong local and regional Thai teams.

Successfully staging the inaugural open tournament for amateur and professional players on Chaweng Noi Beach February 18-19, 2017, the event attracted international teams and players from Spain, France, USA, Russia, Turkey, Slovakia, Lithuania, Denmark, Holland, Poland, Italy, Germany and Sweden. Local teams from Thailand were from Phuket, Koh Phangnan, Bangkok, Suratthani and Samui.

The tournament featured a packed schedule of 24 teams (2 players per team) over the two days with a double elimination format – meaning if a team loses 2 games, they’re out’ and all teams start in the ‘King’s Cup’ bracket tournament. For some teams not as strong, the first eight teams to lose two games dropped down to the ‘Queen’s Cup’ braket and played an 8 team single elimination tournament.

New Beach Volleyball Tourney on Samui… Sensational! | News by Samui Times1st Place in the King’s Cup went to Team 7 Sky from Phuket. The partners are Andrew Freeman (Russia) and Mongcon Samoram (Thai). They came in as the 5th seed in the tournament and battled their way through to the top, along the way beating strong teams from USA, Russia, Turkey and Spain. 2nd Place went to Roman and Dima (Russia) and 3rd Place to Max and Emir (USA and Turkey). Yoosob and Anucha (local Thai team from Samui) won the Queen’s Cup. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place winners won medals and cash and 4th through 6th Place winners were awarded sponsor gift vouchers and Queen’s Cup champs won medals.

Sponsors were thanked for their support and included: The Beach Bar (Chaweng Noi), AIS (Major Sponsor), Trend Fashion (Tournament shirts), Surat Baan Suay, Bangkok Hospital Samui, K Club, Scandic Restaurant, Phuket Solar, Baan Luxor, Bangkok Restaurant/ Corner Sport Pub, Innovative Motor Sports Samui, Thai Global Group, Federico’s, Geo Solar Group and Samui Language School.

At the close of event players and those involved celebrated with a festive dinner at Scandic Restaurant followed with some sampling of Chaweng’s vibrant nightlife.

Amidst the flurry of congratulations Cord was asked his thoughts, and responded, “Amazing inaugural tournament for Samui! We have had the highest level of Beach Volleyball here. We had great weather, strong local and international teams, exciting play and a great beach vibe. We had an amazing event host (The Beach Bar) and great Sponsors to help support us. The feedback is very positive and everyone wants us to do another tournament soon, which we will. Come join us for the next tournament! It is truly amazing event to watch or participate”.

In closing, organiser Cord Biggs stated, “The plan is to continue at least twice a year from now on due to the success of the inaugural tournament. We’re interested in players and sponsors for the next event and hope to hear from those interested. For information and to view event photos visit




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