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New centre offers one-stop service to disabled people

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New centre offers one-stop service to disabled people | Samui Times
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Many people with disabilities are showing up to use services at the Bangkok Service Centre for Disabled People, which was opened on December 28 by the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security as a New Year gift to the Thai public.

New centre offers one-stop service to disabled people | News by Samui TimesThis “One-Stop Service”, located in the compound of Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities in Ratchathewee district, aims to help people with disabilities, caretakers of the disabled, and organisation advocating for their rights to access information about rights, welfare and services from the public sector.

It also serves as a model “Disabilities Hub” learning and life skills development centre. Its mission is to help disabled people in Bangkok and its vicinity with:

1 Issuance of Thai disabled-person ID card

2 Facilitating loan applications from the People with Disabilities Fund for Vocational Promotion

3 Providing physical-aid devices for disabled persons

4 Promoting vocations and employment of persons with disabilities

5 Arranging visits to aid the persons disabilities at home and providing other advice

6 Providing other services such as massage services given by the blind, a souvenir shop selling goods made by persons with disabilities, a coffee shop operated by people with disabilities, a concert plaza, a centre to collect aid device donations and a hotline 1479 centre.

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