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New evidence found in tourists’ murder case

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New evidence found in tourists’ murder case | Samui Times

Investigation into the brutal murder of two English tourists on Koh Tao Island is progressing with the police said they have found new evidence from CCTV footage of an Asian man wearing the pants of one of the victims.

koh tao islandThe police have put out reward of 100,000 baht for information on the Asian man’s whereabout as now he is the most suspected murderer.

The new lead to the murder probe came as a team of investigators compared closed-circuit TV footage taken from the areas, and uncovered incriminating evidence on one particular individual.

Footage from the resort where Mr David Miller was residing showed him wearing a cream colored boxer shorts as he was walking toward the beach.

Comparing that footage to another at allocation nearby which captured the image of an Asian male shows the suspicious individual running pass the CCTV camera (from the direction of the crime scene) wearing the exact same shorts. A blue colored pants that was found by the body of Mr David is now believed to belong to the suspect.

This indicated that he mistakenly grabbed the pants of the victim to wear and left his own at the scene in a hurry as shown in the CCTV showing he ran pass hurriedly.

Police have yet to disclose the details of the case but thus far have put up a 100,000 Baht reward for any information on this suspected Asian male.

Meanwhile forensic police from Bangkok joined local forensic police in Surat Thani to collect DNA samples from more than 20 Myanmar workers both male and female rounded up from the vicinity of the crime scene and also their finger prints.

The DNA samples will then be compared to DNA samples found at the crime scene where M David Miller and Hannah Witheridge were brutally murdered on September 15.

Meanwhile, acting Royal Thai Police Commissioner, Pol. Gen Somyos Phumphanmuang will be travelling to Koh Tao Island tomorrow to personally oversee the investigations.

He said efforts are underway to garner the help of the FBI forensic team which specializes in DNA coding to help in the case.

The head of the Royal Thai Police Office of the Forensic Science Pol Lt-Gen Kamrop Panyakaew said that the database and equipment currently available in the country has no capability to differentiate between different races or ethnicity nor is it capable of identifying skin complexion or the age of DNA samples taken from an individual.

It is for this reason that DNA samples in the case of the murder of the two Britons will be sent to the FBI forensic investigators because they have the necessary experience and are better equipped and possess an extensive database in order to decode the samples.

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