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A new and healthy way to enjoy coffee!

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A new and healthy way to enjoy coffee! | Samui Times
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Vichavin Wichaidit is the vice president of the Tourism Association of Koh Samui and does an enormous amount of good work for Koh Samui. But as well as taking care of the environment and helping to maintain Samui’s image as a tourist haven he is introducing Samui’s residents to a new way to enjoy coffee.

Vichavin’s love of coffee started when he was studying at university in Wisconsin. Not used to the cold temperatures Vichanvin spent a lot o the time drinking cheap hot ‘bottomless’ cups of coffee at a local coffee shop. When his studies finished he returned to Thailand and established a travel agency and also travelled the world himself and it was on those travels he discovered what a decent cup of coffee really tastes like, he also tasted some of the best coffee the world has to offer, a far cry from the low grade ‘bottomless’ cup variety he had got used to!

SAM_3594Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water and it is the second most traded commodity after oil. People around the world drink coffee every day but the sad fact is that coffee is not very good for you.

It is a fairly well known fact that regular coffee dehydrates you and it is very acidic. What many people don’t realise is that coffee actually imbalances pH levels making people more susceptible to illness and disease, it raises blood pressure, raises stress levels in the body and it can increase the production of the stress hormone cortisol in the body. As if that is not bad enough coffee can become addictive and cause coffee jitters, withdrawal symptoms and what is known as a caffeine crash. Your average cup of coffee contains approximately 135 mg of caffeine and has an acidic pH of 5.5, surprisingly enough it takes 17 glasses of water to neutralize the negative effects of just one cup of coffee.

Thankfully this does not mean that if you are coffee lover you should stop drinking coffee, it simply means that you should change the sort of coffee you drink and thanks to Vichavin Wichaidit there is a healthy alternative here in Koh Samui!

Vichavin has discovered Organo Gold, a coffee beverage that is actually good for you. It contains a Chinese herb called Ganoderma which is taken from the Reishi mushroom. It goes back about five thousand years and has been used in Eastern cultures for centuries to help rid the body of toxins and improve energy levels. The benefits to drinking Organo Gold Gourmet Coffee are many. Far from dehydrating you like regular coffee organo goldit hydrates you and balances pH levels. It naturally detoxifies, strengthens & boosts the immune system, oxygenates the body and increases brain power, focus and concentration, it provides energy and boost stamina, improves the blood circulation, improves the quality of sleep, it has 100% certified organic Ganoderma, does not cause jitters, anxiety or a caffeine crash, has only 9mg of caffeine and a neutral pH between 7.3 and 7.5.

Organo Gold tastes great and there are a few choices available so you can chose the coffee that you most enjoy, black coffee, café latte, café mocha or hot chocolate. Each box of coffee comes in individual packets so it is easy to mix anywhere; all you have to do is add hot water.

As well as using this coffee to non only remove the negative effects of regular coffee and replace them with health benefits there are business opportunities for those interested in becoming distributors or opening healthy coffee outlets around the island. It is also a great way to offer your customers an healthy choice if you already own a business that offers coffee to its customers.

If you would like to learn more about Organo Gold then give Vichavin a call on 081-699-5040 and don’t worry if you don’t speak Thai, he speaks perfect English!

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