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New Samui Gym Offers Women Free Self-Defense Classes




New Samui Gym Offers Women Free Self-Defense Classes | Samui Times
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A new gym set to open on Koh Samui is placing safety for women at the top of its list.

The gym, Limitless Fitness & Performance, focuses on transforming clients’ mindsets by combining positive mindsets with the owner, Steven Quinn’s, desire to motivate.

The free women’s self-defense class will be the last Wednesday of every month starting in June.

Quinn says the reason he decided to have the class was simple: because its better to have the skills and not need them, than need them and not have them.

He says in his ten years of experience teaching the class worldwide, people of all ages have consistently told him that they wish they would have knew the skills before they were attacked.

“Knowledge is power and preparation is key to survival. Self-defense is not a hobby, it is a life skill! ” remarked Quinn.

New Samui Gym Offers Women Free Self-Defense Classes | News by Samui Times

And Quinn has undoubtedly had enough life skills for most of us combined. He hails from a tough military background which included traversing dangerous lands for the British services and later as a bodyguard and security operative. He went on to train people in challenging Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) at team Xtreme UK. He successfully managed three gyms in northern England before moving to Thailand where Hybrid Gym, Koh Samui, became the thriving center that trained overseas competitive fighters.

Quinn’s new, non-competitive gym will encourage people to transform their bodies, mindsets and lives through his tried and tested Limitless Fitness & Performance programs.

“I understand that people need guidance and sometimes a kick-start into a new way of living. I am here to help them embark on this incredibly rewarding journey. I’m currently working on a range of functional fitness classes for people that are over 65 who want to get fit at home. “

The meaning behind the new gym’s name matches Quinn’s mentality towards fitness.

“Limitless is a ‘mindset’ training gym, not just a place to come and get a 6 pack or look like a fitness model. I want people of all shapes and sizes and ages to come and feel comfortable and like they belong here.”

New Samui Gym Offers Women Free Self-Defense Classes | News by Samui Times

When asked who should join the gym, Quinn replies, “Anyone that wants to be stronger, fitter, faster and better than they are right now, both physically and mentally. I want the gym to become a place that champions training in physical fitness toward achieving better mental health and self-awareness. I want to be an ambassador for showing people that a regular and well-structured training program can help them in many different ways outside of the gym as well as in it. So it doesn’t matter where your fitness lies at the moment. This is all-inclusive, it’s life-changing. “

Quinn says programs are a well-planned blend of cardio fitness, fat loss, strength and conditioning, functional fitness, transformational body programs, martial arts, boxing fitness, conditioning, MMA, Krav Maga, self-defense and personal training.

The new gym, located in Hua Thanon, will open as soon as the government permits following the COVID-19 pandemic.

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