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New “Smart Driving License” too smart for the Thai police

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New “Smart Driving License” too smart for the Thai police | Samui Times
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An RTP spokesman has expressed concern over plans to do away with conventional driving licenses.

NewThe cops wonder how they are going to do what they have always done – take a driver’s license away when they offend and issue a temporary one until they turn up at the station within seven days.

They also see the move to digital apps as a chance for criminals to take advantage of the system.

Maj-Gen Ekkaluk Limsangkat was commenting in his capacity as head of a committee looking into changes in traffic enforcement in Thailand.

He is worried that “Smart Licences” or “Digital Licences” – planned to be introduced via the “DLT Smart Licence” app in mid January, will cause his men headaches.

Principally he is worried about how the system will work when it comes to confiscating licences. And he believes criminals could abuse the system by posing as someone else.

Department of Land Transport chief Pheeraphon Thawornsuphacharoen dismissed the concerns saying that a licence could be cancelled via the app.

Though it could not physically be taken in it could still be suspended via the available tech on the app.

He also said the technology would be safe doing exactly what it says on the tin.

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