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New Standards implemented for Jet Ski operators under the Merry Elephant scheme

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New Standards implemented for Jet Ski operators under the Merry Elephant scheme | Samui Times
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The Tourism Department has introduced new standards for Jet Ski Operators to boost tourist confidence in safety, quality and the business ethics of business that are part of this popular tourist pastime.

The director general of the department, Acting Second Lieutenant Arnupap Gaesornsuwan said that the recently finished Jet Ski Rental Service Standard had been launched as part of the military governments overall effort to promote the tourist industry of Thailand.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe creation of the new standard was a direct response to YouTube video footage of Jet-ski operators taking advantage of their customers and the respective embassies of visitors to Thailand who have made complaints urging the government to address the issue.

The tourist department hope the new standard will address the issue and prevent any further damage to the countries tourism image.

Rental shops that comply with the new standard will be eligible for the departments ‘Merry Elephant’ Thailand Tourism Standard emblem, however they must first have been a registered company for more than three months, have a permanent address and promptly improve their service quality and the skills of their staff as well as their business ethics. All jet skis must be registered and licensed with a valid insurance policy. Jet ski operators must be equipped with certified supervisors with knowledge of first aid care who must be deployed in the area of service at all times. Further to that one certified person will only be allowed supervise two jet skis at a time.

Jet-ski renters are required to pass the assessment conducted by a jet-ski supervisor prior to using the service to prevent possible damage and, most important, to prevent possible accidents and injury and jet-ski rental shops must make their fees visible to customers, including the service terms and conditions, to ensure ethical and transparent service.

“Nautical tourism is considered a highlight of tourism in the coastal areas of Thailand,” Arnupap said.

“The revenue generated from this type of tourism is an important source of income in both high and low season

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