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News of fried chicken takeaway called Hitler reaches UK shores

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News of fried chicken takeaway called Hitler reaches UK shores | Samui Times
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The UK’s mail online have reported on a bizarre restaurant that opened last month in Bangkok. The fried chicken takeaway, that also sells chips, burgers and kebabs, is called Hitler and has a logo showing the fascist Nazi dictator’s head grafted onto Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC ! This worrying trend of ‘Nazis chic’ has seen children dressing up as Nazis, billboard adverts going up depicting Hitler, cartoon pandas, Teletubbies and Ronald McDonald have all been spotted remodeled as Hitler around Bangkok and there seem to be more and more T-shirts bearing cartoon images of the dictator too!

Andrew Spooner, from London, according to the Mail, spotted the chicken outlet and tweeted ‘very bizarre fried chicken shop in Thailand, I kid you not!

Alan Robertsonhitler 1, 43, who lives in Bangkok said ‘the place opened last month, nobody quite knows what to make of it. I went in for a bite last week and got some fried chicken, that was pretty good, and I asked the guy behind the counter why it was called Hitler, he just shrugged and said that the owners had thought it was a good image.’

The mail online also reported that in September 2011 a group of high school students in Chiang Mai showed up for a sports day in homemade Nazi uniforms complete with toy guns and swastika armbands. Leading them was a teenage girl dressed up in a faux SS uniform and fake Hitler mustache. Locals cheered the students as foreign tourists looked aghast. In 2009 a waxworks museaum in Pattaya put up a giant billboard featuring the Fuhrer with the legend in Thai ‘Hitler is not dead’

IN 2007 hundreds of students at a Bangkok school staged a similar Nazi themed costume parade. Following international outcry, teachers at both schools apologized saying they had no idea the children planned to dress up as Nazis.


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