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Nigerian arrested with “ice” hidden in model boats

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Nigerian arrested with “ice” hidden in model boats | Samui Times
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Police have announced the arrest of a Nigerian national who had a stash of methamphetamine for sale hidden in some model boats.

John Effenyi, 33, had been under police surveillance in the Samrong Neua area of Samut Prakarn.

Yesterday cops stopped him outside his condo and found 260 grams of the Class 1 drug in a pouch in his underpants, reported Daily News.

Back in his room they discovered a lot more – nearly three kilos hidden in the model boats.

Police understand that Effenyi is part of a bigger gang of Nigerians operating in the drug trade in the Sri Nakharin area.

Effenyi said that he was paid 100,000 baht for each delivery he made and he had already done this five of six times before he was caught.

He was charged with possession of a Class 1 drug with intent to sell and detained for prosecution.

Thai Visa / Daily News

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