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Nine sets of human remains, including those of a westerner in a wet suit found in Lang Suan district

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Nine sets of human remains, including those of a westerner in a wet suit found in Lang Suan district | Samui Times
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On Saturday the body of a westerner was found on the beach in Lang Suan wearing a wetsuit and scuba gear. This came only one day before a skeleton was washed up on the beach. Officials say this brings the total number of human remains found in the region this month to nine.

A rescue worker from the Puttha Pratheep Foundation, who helped to recover the bodies and remains, and who wishes to remain anonymous, said that since December the 1st, five sets of remains were found in Lang Suan and four more were found in neighboring Chumpon.

Of those nine only one set of remains seem to belong to a westerner, the rest appear to be Asian in origin.

chumphon beach remainsThe remains of the westerner on Saturday and the skeleton, believed to be of a male found on Sunday, were both found in the same place and were both headless. The skeleton was found by villagers as they were walking along the beach.

Pol Lt Capt Taweesak Ruksakul, the duty officer of the station said that the deceased found on Sunday could have been between age twenty five and forty and had been dead for at least a week.

The remains have been handed over to Puttha Pratheep Foundation and were later sent to Surat Thani hospital. An autopsy will be performed on the western man who Pol Lt Capt Witoon said was aged between 35 and 50 years and was 175 centimeters tall. The officer said the body could be a western male tourist who had died a week before. He went on to suggest that the man could have been diving in the waters of Chumphon or Surat Thani before winds and currents swept him into Lang Suang district after he died. ”Nobody has contacted us about the body found on Saturday,” the official added.

Some areas in Chumphon have been hit by heavy downpours and high waves in the Gulf of Thailand in recent weeks. The foundation official said the bad weather conditions could have caused ships or trawlers to sink, leading to the deaths.

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