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No fireworks on NYE for Samui?

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No fireworks on NYE for Samui? | Samui Times
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Although most celebratory activities were given the go-ahead from Central Government (Bangkok) to start up again back on November 14th (on the premis that they were muted to ‘appropriate’ levels), we (The Firework Shop) soon discovered that fireworks per se were not included in ‘entertainments’.

fireworks 3Given the nature of fireworks (loud, bright, obvious, and somewhat ‘in your face’) the decision not to include fireworks in the entertainments list is quite understandable… particularly since the entire country is in mourning after the passing of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyade.

Initially it was being considered to temporarily lift the firework ban (put in place because of the nation’s 100 day mourning period) for New Year’s Eve… with the ban then being re-introduced for the remaining 2 weeks or so of the 100 day mourning period. However, in late November the Central Government (Bangkok) decided that – in Bangkok – New Year’s Eve celebrations would not include fireworks, and that – in their stead – a more respectfull and muted ‘candle lit procession/vigil’ would be more appropriate.


Bangkok government then determined that local government officials throughout Thailand should decide for themselves what they considered ‘appropriate’ events for New Year’s Eve.


However, although Central Government did not dictate or give guidelines as to what they considered was, or what was not, allowed or ‘appropriate’, it now appears that more and more provinces are following Bangkok’s lead on this matter and opting for much more muted celebration this New Year’s Eve… along lines similar to Bangkok’s candle lit procession. This, of course, negates any chance of any local government officials putting themselves at risk of accused of not respecting the 100 day mourning period for His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyade’s passing.


For the most obvious of reasons local government officials have therefore been more than a tad reluctant to give permission for fireworks on NYE, and – unfortunately – just as reluctant to give a definite ‘No’ on the matter too… probably on the premise that Central Government may (or may not!) give some guidance on the matter at some point in the near future!


This has resulted with us ending up in a sort of ‘No Man’s Land’, with no definite decision either way, but with the ‘default’ decision by local government officials essentially being ‘No… unless we specifically say Yes’…


We here at ‘The Firework Shop’ have been in regular contact with both the Ny Amphur’s office here on Samui, as well as the Governor of SuratThani’s office in Surat, to try and get some kind of definitive decision from them regarding fireworks for NYE here on Samui… however, their reluctance to commit either way is somewhat understandable, particularly given the lack of any solid guidance from Central Government in Bangkok.


We personally are of the opinion that fireworks will not be allowed on Samui until the full 100 day mourning period has ended (around mid-January)… this being the much ‘easier’ option for local government officials to go along with as it presents a ‘no risk’ situation… ie: nullifies any risk of them putting themselves in a position which could reflect badly on them in the future.


Unfortunate though this is, we here at The Firework Shop fully appreciate and understand the delicacy of the situation, and the decision (or lack of one) regarding fireworks on NYE… consequently our efforts are now focused on providing some kind of alternative to the fireworks… an alternative that is acceptable within the parameters that are currently in place… so not all is completely lost!


The alternative!

In previous years many (if not all) of our New Year’s Eve clients have opted for a lance-work set-piece to compliment their NYE firework display… the main (and most obvious) choice being the lance-work ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017’ set-piece.


Lance-work is ground-based, and ‘quiet’ (although still pretty dramatic when it lights up!), and consists of lances forming letters, which are then attached to wooden rails/framework, and – when lit – burn for approx. 1.5 to 2 mins, spelling out the message in brightly burning lances.


(Click HERE to go to an example of a wedding lance-work set-piece video on our YouTube Channel… it will give you an idea what lance-work looks like.)


Numerous resorts and hotels have already ordered their ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017’ lancework set-pieces from us (working on the premis that they have something to ‘light up’ after the midnight countdown if fireworks are not allowed!). This year the letters are larger than normal (80 cms – English upper case – instead of the usual 60cms), so that the set-piece can seen from quite a distance… and a ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017’ lance-work set-piece will cost 12,000 baht. If required, we can also provide the resort/hotel’s name in lance-work too (each letter is 750 baht).


Each lance-work set-up has only one fuse to light, making it both safe and easy… and the rail of letters can be attached to something to lift the whole thing off the ground a little (we often use poles or wooden staves to attach the lance-work to)… SO… although fireworks may well not be ringing in the New Year, the dramatic lighting up of a lance-work set-piece does give something for the folks to cheer at when the midnight countdown reaches ‘ZERO!’


Obviously it is pretty late in the day now, meaning that time is of the essence… so much so that we can only offer a further 10 sets of ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017’ … so if you are interested in having a lance-work set-piece, then you will need to contact us with an order A.S.A.P. to avoid disappointment!!


You can contact us at ‘‘ for more details or if you have any questions.


MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL from us all here at The Firework Shop.


UPDATE: At time of going to press Koh Samui’s Ny Amphur is in a meeting with other senior SuratThani province government officials discussing options for NYE… including the fireworks ‘question’ (although we don’t hold out much hope at this stage, one never knows… this IS Thailand after all!).



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