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No sex in parks, please: BMA

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No sex in parks, please: BMA | Samui Times
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The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has instructed its security officers guarding 34 BMA parks around the capital to patrol the parks more frequently to prevent students and other park goers from drinking and having sex.
sex in parksSuwaporn Jermrangsi, the director of the Environment Department, said the instruction has been given following reports that students were seen kissing and hugging in several parks. Many park goers have also been spotted drinking in the compounds, Suwaporn said.
Suwaporn admitted that it would be hard to monitor teenagers from behaving improperly in the parks but the security officers have been instructed to keep special watches on young couples who enter the parks.
He said the officials could not closely monitor the park goers for fear of violating their privacy and other park goers did not want to get involved by reporting the incidents to the authorities.
Suwaporn said if the officials found the couples acting improperly red-handed, they would give them verbal reprimands.
“But most of them would deny that they had done anything wrong. We don’t have evidence,” Suwaporn said.
He said the laws against public indecency acts have too lenient penalties. In some cases, the BMA security officers had to call police to arrest the couples who refused to heed the warning, Suwaporn added.
“I hereby affirm that the BMA has not ignored the issue because it is important. If we do nothing, the Thai culture will get deteriorated. We must the best way to prevent it. Now, the security officers will patrol the parks more frequently,” Suwaporn added.
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