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No sex please, we’re Thai

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No sex please, we’re Thai
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“77 percent say they strongly disagreed with legalising the production of porn, saying it would cause youth to become preoccupied with sex.”

A new Nida Poll has revealed that a majority of Thais disagree with a proposal to legalise the production of porn. You know, for pornographic websites and social media – OnlyFans and PornHub come to mind as modern and highly available versions of the genre.

The National Institute of Development Administration asked respondents about the proposal for the legalisation of production of pornographic films. 77 percent said “they strongly disagreed with it”, saying it would cause children and youth to become preoccupied with sex (because our ‘youth’ are apparently not already preoccupied with sex?).

The naysayers commented with things like… “pornographic materials were immoral as Thailand is a Buddhist country”, and “they could also lead to more sex-related crimes and sexual harassment”.

But 20.5 percent of respondents agreed with the proposal, noting that people should have the right to produce pornographic material in the modern era.

Asked if they’d ever viewed pornographic publications. 54.1 percent said ‘no’. Another 45.8 percent were more honest (we suspect) and said ‘yes’.

The poll was conducted by telephone between November 22 – 24 and 1,315 people aged 18 and over of various levels of education and occupations throughout the country… as usual for Nida polling strategy.

When it came to pornographic films, 56.5 percent said ‘yes’ and 43.5 percent said ‘no’.

The poll shows an ongoing hypocrisy of many Thais who appear generally tolerant of the country’s in-your-face red light scene, ‘gentlemen’ clubs, and raunchy and sexually-charged topics covered in the ever-so-popular soap operas. Legalised or not, you can be sure that the productions will continue and the morality police will make well-publicised arrests from time to time (usually where police are forced to examine hours of video material before making the arrests).


Courtesy ofThaiger News

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