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No Thais were killed by Burmese bombs says army

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No Thais were killed by Burmese bombs says army
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There were conflicting reports yesterday of Thai residents being killed as a result of the bombs dropped on Karen village in Myanmar near the Prop Phra district in Tak province in northern Thailand.

The media reported there were Thai casualties as a result of the bombing at the border on Friday but the Thai army denied this was the case.

The fighter jet from the Burmese ministry bombed Karen village which is located 100 kilometres away from the Thai district Phop Phra. The Thai army reported that 3 people died in the bombing incident while another 3 people were injured.

Some media reports revealed that all of the victims were Thai causing an outrage among the residents of the kingdom. A large number of Thai people criticised the government and the military insisting they must strike back against the Burmese.

The Thai army report said some of the victims held dual nationalities, both Thai and Burmese because they lived at the border between the 2 countries. Some held Thai documents and some had Thai ID cards.

The army said it was the responsibility of the Ministry of Interior to deal with the people of 2 nationalities. The military added that the authorities from the Phop Phra district would provide treatment to injured people and administer humanitarian aid to the Karen people who fled for shelter.

The nationalities of the injured people are still unclear but the army emphasised that they would further investigate whether the injured victims had Burmese nationality or not to clear any confusion.

SOURCE: Khaosod | Matichon


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