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Not looking ‘cool’ no longer a reason not to wear a bike helmet in Koh Samui

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Not looking ‘cool’ no longer a reason not to wear a bike helmet in Koh Samui | Samui Times
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Despite becoming notorious for road traffic accidents residents and visitors to Koh Samui are still seen every day riding motorbikes around the island with no helmets. The death toll on the roads of Koh Samui is one of the highest in the world however a large proportion of those statistics could have been avoided by the use of motorbike helmets. The odd checkpoint for helmet use and fines seems to do little to deter motorbike riders opting to go helmet free. The helmets samui 1Samui Times asked 50 people, residents and nonresident, riding without helmets why they chose to take such a risk. Of the 50 we asked 2 said that they enjoyed the freedom of not wearing a helmet, an option they would never have back at home. 3 said that a helmet restricted their vision and hearing. 5 said the helmets that had been provided with their bike were so sub standard they did not think they would be helpful in the case of an accident and 8 said they chose not to wear a helmet because of the heat. The remaining 32 said that they thought helmets did not look cool or attractive.

Thanks to Bright Knight Customs two of those reasons can be removed from our stats. Bright Knight Customs are now stocking well padded quality fiberglass USA/EU Safety standard helmets with good safety straps and EC tags inside making them legal for EU countries. Not only does this mean that you can take your helmet back home you can also have it customized while you are here with your choice of color and design with quality paint and clear coats on top, these customizations are not done with stickers so they will not paint, fade or peel. And if that was not great news enough, these high quality, ‘cool’ helmets are also very affordable. For more information visit the Bright Knights Custom facebook page by clicking here

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