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Nurse receives award for saving unconscious tourist in Surat Thani

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Nurse receives award for saving unconscious tourist in Surat Thani | Samui Times
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Surat Thani Hospital has given an award to the nurse who helped a German tourist who was lying unconscious in the street on Saturday of the New Year.

nurse gets awardSurat Thani Hospital Director, Dr Adikiat Irmworaniran today handed an award plaque to Srikanya Chuarop, the nurse who rescued the German tourist who was found unconscious on the Surat Thani – Nasan Road. The nurse also received a lot of praise from the public as a good example of exemplary nursing practice applied in an emergency.

The Public Health Minister also sent an open letter to Ms Srikanya, praising her good deed.

The German cyclist suffered a stroke while riding his bike in Surat Thani. Gunter Retsch, 49, was saved by Arikanya Chuarob, a nurse from the Surat Thani hospital saw Gunter’s friend Thomas calling for help outside the Cancer hospital of Surat Thani. Rushing to his aid the nurse discovered that Gunter had no pulse and quickly performed CPR for half an hour before the rescue team arrived. He then regained consciousness and was rushed to hospital.

Once at the hospital the man’s condition was stabilized and once out of danger he was put under observation in the ICU department. Retsch had been in Koh Phangan on the morning of his incident and had planned to bike to Krabi with friends. The nurse said she was taking her family to Wang Kho for the New Year holiday when she saw a foreigner shouting for help. She went on to say that Retsch was biting his tongue and his heart had stopped, so she stuck a spoon in his mouth and gave him CPR, her family missed their day out in support of her lifesaving efforts. Mr Retsch is doing well other than chest pains from CPR and thanked the nurse for saving his life.

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