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Nurse stabbed to death by colleague at Bangkok hospital

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Nurse stabbed to death by colleague at Bangkok hospital | Samui Times
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A young nurse is dead after she tried to intervene in a fight between two colleagues in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The incident happened at a well known but unnamed hospital in the Petchburi Road area of Huay Kwang. Two nursing assistants were having a jealous argument about a man in the underground corridor of the hospital outside the finance office, reported Daily News.

nurse stabbed to deathA colleague witnessed the altercation as one nurse pulled out a knife.

She went to calm things down but was caught in the fight and fatally stabbed.

Kusuma (Pat) Chukham, 20, told Makasan police that she was responsible. She was found waiting for officers with the weapon in the out patients’ department of the hospital after being restrained by security.

The incident was caught on CCTV but is rather indistinct.

Jaruwan Huatsi, 21, died following the incident. The other nurse in the fight, Patimoh Ali, 21, was stabbed in the back.

Kusuma told police that she bumped into Patimoh as they were leaving work and a fight developed in which both girls hit each other in the head and face.

When the fight turned against her she told police she pulled out a knife and at that moment Patimoh’s friend Jaruwan arrived to stop the fight but was stabbed.

She told police she was not aware she had stabbed Patimoh but admitted she had killed Jaruwan.

She was detained and charged with assault causing death to another person.

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