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Oh Buddha! Now a monk is exposed as a ladies’ knicker nicker!

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Oh Buddha! Now a monk is exposed as a ladies’ knicker nicker! | Samui Times
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A Buddhist monk has been defrocked and banished after he was exposed thieving ladies’ knickers.

Oh Buddha! Now a monk is exposed as a ladies' knicker nicker! | News by Samui TimesCCTV footage caught the moments Phra Theeraphop – attached to a temple in U-Thong, Suphanburi – went in search of ladies’ smalls behind a gold shop near the local market in the central Thai town.

The monk – in robes carrying a sky blue shoulder bag – cases the joint and looks around before stealing from a clothes drying stand in an alley and making his escape.

Saeng Khajorn gold shop owner Kittisak Khajornnetikhun said that his wife and daughter had done their washing on the morning of February 1st. But in the evening six items were missing.

So they checked CCTV then went to the police to register a complaint. They didn’t want to make a big deal of it but thought they should warn other people.

Police Colonel Phuwadit Khongpet confirmed that it was indeed a real monk who had stolen from the line. They went to see the abbot who told them that following the online story the monk had been defrocked and banished for disgracing the religion and the temple.

They did say in his defense that he was on drugs – the pharmaceutical kind – for a mental condition. He had recently stopped taking his meds and this might have led to the theft.

But U-Thong police are now looking for the monk, said Sanook, as they are keen to charge him with theft in the hours of daylight.


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